Ring of Fire: America’s Lawyer Details The Massive Cover Up Of Abuse From The Catholic Church In Pennsylvania


Via America’s Lawyer: Mike Papantonio and Attorney Archie Lamb discuss the latest in the grand jury investigation into clergy sexual abuse in Pennsylvania which was released in an interim, redacted form — detailing decades of alleged misconduct and cover-ups in six of the state’s eight Roman Catholic dioceses. The roughly 900-page report, thought to be the most comprehensive of its kind, paints a horrid portrait of activity that occurred in the dioceses of Scranton, Allentown, Harrisburg, Greensburg, Erie and Pittsburgh, implicating 300 “predator priests” statewide who committed “criminal and/or morally reprehensible conduct.”



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Andra Liquori

The Catholic church is a Satanic Cult. My parents were part of the cult. There is rampant child abuse. This church has direct ties to the moneyed Satanic elite ( Illuminati). The pope is advocating we "embrace" alien life which are fallen angels/demons and he knows it. The Roman Catholic church will fall. I can't wait.

Kyle W

Religion is nothing more than a few people brainwashing other believers to make them believe they hold power everyone else so they can take advantage of said power. Catholicism has long been one of the worst examples. Glad it’s finally getting exposed for what it is and may many many many many people be put behind bars for life for the crimes they’ve committed. It would help some sort of healing start to begin for the families of those who were abused.

Flemming Rostock

It is just not the catholic church, it is all "so call" churches.

Erasmus the blasphemous

Wow. sounds like religion is a crminal scam

Erasmus the blasphemous

Somebody's baptist upbringing is showing.


All Religions are technically cults all should be ban from Government & society in general.

Mike Perkins

Shepard's fleece, f**k and eat their flock.
They promise you heaven to steal this world.
The religious are an obtuse lot.

Linda Grossi

The Catholic Church needs to be eradicated from the face of the earth! It is the most corrupt institution on the planet!

Dave Chillman

"Religion poisons everything." — Christopher Hitchens

Kimmers R

This is why I
These churches have been corrupt since the very beginning. They are all liars and kiddie rapers. They all should have there packages cut off and left to bleed to death.
I’m a Proud Atheist.

hawk eye

Evil has many faces its favorite is the form of people who "serve god"

blood knight

I pray to my God every day, now I will pray for the end if the rape of children.

Carol Jo Martin

Nice combination: pagan AND scandalous!!! Congratulations, Catholic Church! You're Item #1 on my Shit List!!!

Wendell 717

Watching this video from Harrisburg PA capital city. Sad, beyond sad.

Mary Stevenson

The Priests scandal the tip of the iceberg. The nuns (under watch of priests) abused pg single mothers over the centuries forcing adoption. (Ex: Magdalene Laundries, Spanish 300k forced adoption- which btw is big $$$$ BIZ. THEN: after they are caught throwing babies in a cistern with no proper burial as the Tuam scandal they claim the victim when they were subsidized by the Govt and govts around the world. The CC is a top 10 collector of tax dollars to do "charity work" in foreign govts- third world countries. How much more abuse goes on there? They are harvesting… Read more »

Matt Erbst

My next door neighbor, a retired Chief of Police & his wife, proud grandparents of 6, & former attendees of my mom's Catholic church, has chosen to abandon the Catholic church, in favor of the local megachurch, for the past few years because of its poor handling of this sex abuse issue.
Of course just from the 1sthand accounts that I have heard about the Saddleback megachurch, its leadership has its own scandals (not necessarily sex abuse) to cover up.

Lesley Allinson

The church is a disgrace and why are these people not I prison


Perverts. So all of you are “going to hell” right? That’s what you would say to someone who commits “bible” crimes.


"Has this become a cult?!" "become"?!

Peter George

It is not about religion it is all about the church . Money and power ,if was any other organizations it would be called a criminal organizations.


It's like a turd that keeps coming up again no matter how much it's flushed. It's disgusting.

Diana Lee Lee

One of the fastest ways to make a child feel like they were "born evil" and "born a sinner" is to sexually abuse them!!! The guilt and shame that the perpetrator SHOULD feel is transferred to the vitimized child. Psychologists call this shift "the locus of control shift". The child takes on the sins of the perpetrator and the perpetrator is clean as snow. When you think about it, THIS IS the traditional Jesus on the cross story. HE takes on the sins of the world and his crazy father who demands human/child sacrifice remains holy and good. It is… Read more »

L.J Ross

RICO ! Ban the church.