Ring of Fire: Democrats Are Coming For Trump’s Tax Returns


Rep. John Lewis, in his capacity as the new chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, will be holding a hearing on February 7th that will look at the possibilities of getting Donald Trump’s tax returns and making that information public. The public has a right to know what this man is hiding in his finances, and if he had nothing to hide he wouldn’t have broken the norms of releasing this info during the campaign. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains the significance of this move.



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Tribble Booth

It might be fake news, but I understand that some shithole African countries are planning to send missionaries tothe States

Ronald Adams

this man is going to the clink

Tracy Morgan

Yeah right. I'm sure trump has nothing to hide. Lmaooo

jerry Miller

……….and his ill-gotten Cheeto Dust!

baron wolf news

Trump is a disgrace to America.

Deborah Mahmoudieh

Out of court settlements…

Tim Levis

Ignorance of the law is no excuse,unless you are wealthy,white,and privileged,oh well then it is o.k.

tom mcfeely

Good, he can be taken down like Al Capone was, perhaps trump has syphilis in the brain like Al did.

Jason Rose

He's a fat ol' coward.

william louie

Trump lied on everything why not lied on his tax returns.


he is stupid and criminal!

Student Loans Are Cool

Ill believe it when i see it. Otherwise its all talk.


Who in the hell would support the moron Trump?

Coco Crisp

Trump, the Republikkklans, the fake Evangelist Christian's and the NRA are owned by the Russians

Ann Pringle

Trump wants the American people to pay for the wall with our taxes. Let him pay for the wall. Oh! I forgot he dosen't pay taxes!! Trump committed TREASON against his own country with Russia and his Congress and followers still follow him. Media wake up! Stop making excuses for Trump. I mine as well watch Fox New! For ignorance!!


So What? If they don't do something with these SOBs our country is going to be destroyed!!!

Eve Rabi Author and Screenwriter

Hillary won Trump lost so #illegitimatePresidentTrump it is!

Zone 9

And he made such a big deal about Obama's birth certificate! Show us your tax returns you hypocrite!

We Are Legion

They damn well better get his taxes. This is beyond belief that Democrats still can’t do anything because RepubliCONS still block everything

Bert Dahlman

The so called billionaire is BROKE. We all know this he is a dead beat. Trump is trumps hype man.

Jake Thomson

IDK about a law requiring a presidential and/or vice presidential candidate disclosing their tax returns. The current SCOTUS could easily strike it down by saying the only requirements a candidate has to meet are the ones spelled out in the Constitution. IOW, a minimum of 35 years old, native born US citizen, the VPOTUS from a different state than the POTUS, never convicted of treason, never been impeached, convicted and removed from Federal office and so on. The Constitution doesn't say anything about releasing Federal and/or state income tax returns.

Jeff North

What Trump has to hide is a) that his isn't as wealthy as he claims and b) there is a lot of dirty money running through his organisation.

Gail Fitches

LOL There is nothing to hide, but there are no rules that Presidential Candidates have to show their tax returns. I do, however, want an investigation on how Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters live in mansions, and are multi-millionaires. I also would like to see an investigation on the Clinton Foundation and the Obama Administration selling our Uranium to Russia.

Sam Smythe

Firstly, let me state I am not from the US. Secondly, be very clear, I despise your unelected FAKE president with a vengeance. Frankly, he belongs in jail, or more preferably, put up against a wall and shot. Having said that however, and knowing that all previous Presidents ( note the change in capitalisation?) released their tax returns, is it a law that all Presidents must do so? I thought it more a tradition, in which case, isn't little donny tRump entitled to not release them? Yes, I agree that by not doing so makes him look more like he… Read more »

Mandy B

If he's actually done something illegal, surely the IRS would have acted by now? I'm saying this based on the fact that he'd have had to have submitted his tax returns every year, and if he's dumb enough to do something illegal now, he'd have been doubly dumb enough to do it before he ran for president. I think that at worst (best?) we'll discover he's nowhere near as rich as he makes out to be. That would hurt his ego more than being sent to jail for corruption (because so many corrupt people are very, very rich. Bigly rich,… Read more »

James Mullen

At this point, it doesn't really matter if his tax returns show criminal behavior. His actions to this point show criminal behavior.