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big claim. any source?

thanks! fastcompany.com seems to be a reliable source of information.

This is not actually true- it’s a hoax.

Sorry Chad, there’s no proof that it’s a hoax. What people are bitching about more is that the pic of Mustafa seems to be that of a different person. There have been a few stories about the theory, on different publications, and none have been retracted to date that I can see. The basis of the “invention” is based on something that is well documented. The Casimir Effect, which has been highlighted by MIT a good year before the story came out on Mustafa:


Snopes hasn’t posted anything on her either, just sayin… 😛

If it was true, then we’d be reading the head line, “Egyptian woman physicist stoned to death for being a woman physicist”.

Oy vey…

haha thats true

Sadly, I concur.

So there are no female physicists in Egypt… Ok, got it. 😛

Ironically, I was dating a lovely young woman whose parents were from Egypt and left due to multiple issues including women not having much in the way of rights. This issue has ebbed and flowed over the years but in the current atmosphere is actually on the better end.

Yes, the Arab world, Egypt included, has a long way to go in the way of women’s rights. But it doesn’t mean that NO women get educated in these countries. Perhaps it’s best to not jump to conclusions by way of generalities in these cases? 😛

Shouldn’t we be stoning her……