Samson Da Barbarian (parts 1, 2 and 3 of the Samson Trilogy)… – VIDEO


Long ago, God gave supernatural strength to a mass-murdering psychopath. This is his story, the story of Samson Da Barbarian (aka Judges 13-16) This was part…



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Grammar Nazi Party

Nice, keep it up.


Too bad Jesus the carpenter wasn’t around to fix all those doors.

Chris Dodds

Did you see that video of a woman who claims that Monster energy drink was
made by Satan? I seriously wanna see you make a cartoon based on that

Geoff Stockton

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! When I was 7 years old, my mom read the story of
Samson to me and the whole time I was imaging Samson as Conan the
Barbarian. When Samson made his intro in this vid, I just about fell out
of my seat. Thank you for that!


I really like the way this one turned out, and there’s so much more to Samson’s story, that I think it needs two more cartoons to tell it. So, I’ll do that if people want to see it. In my Patreon feed, I added some screencaps from this video, which you would’ve seen before this video was uploaded. I plan to do that for all my future cartoons as I create them, so you can see what I’m working on as I work on it. Some of the pics are available to the public, while others are only for patrons… Read more »


After thinking for a few days I now move from being a Christian to being an

Robin S

Even in this modern world atheists like Stalin, Mao and Polpot barbarically
massacred millions of people.

Baud Bits

With Judgement Day, Salvation and Genisys to choose from, I do hope he will
be back.


Since no person has a full explanation for god. (remember I am an Atheist) I will take it the liberty of doing it. Q: Why Does God let bad things happen to good people! A: Well we wouldn’t learn anything now would we? Listen, God wasn’t doing any that shit in the Bible (all religions) it’s clearly a story from an idiot! Also, if he was we would be dead. He is literally playing the fucking The Sims 4: Universe Edition (Expression). Q: Where did your so called “gaaaaoood” come from? A: Well where did the meteor from Big Bang… Read more »

Tyler Durden

Um pouco de comédia para começar o dia.

*Então o Espírito do Senhor se apossou dele tão poderosamente que
despedaçou o leão, como quem despedaça um cabrito, sem ter nada na sua mão;*
porém nem a seu pai nem a sua mãe deu a saber o que tinha feito.

*Juízes 14:6*


Another twist on the truth.. Gotta hand it to you DarkMatter. You seem to
always know how to play the idiot with scripture. Believing things you
have read, without actually looking into its incorrectly framed, badly
translated, etc. Perhaps you should actually seek after the truth. I
mean really try to figure out why we are in this Cosmos, rather than being
another lame atheist making videos to mock others.


Wow, I never knew Sampson was such an asshole..Fairy Tale of course. But
don’t tell that to the religious freaks.

David Mosier

This was so great…really loved it.
Is it just me or were the three guys Sampson made the bet with based on the
3 raiders from the snake cult in Conan the Barbarian (1982 version) ? They
looked like Thulsa Doom (James Earl Jones) et al ?
And yes I did get the “Lion” reference. But this JEJ had a very “Thulsa
Doom” vibe, and so did his friends.

Chuck Potchen

Gather around children and watch a biblical mortality tale. From the ever
talented +DarkMatter2525 . (Part 1 of 3)

Samson Da Barbarian (part 1 of the Samson Trilogy):

Amer Djuliman

He had to close the door so he could break so he could come in ’cause he’s

Kryptonian Messiah

hundreds of biblical contradictions 😉 Theological doctrines: 1. God is satisfied with his works Gen 1:31 God is dissatisfied with his works. Gen 6:6 2. God dwells in chosen temples 2 Chron 7:12,16 God dwells not in temples Acts 7:48 3. God dwells in light Tim 6:16 God dwells in darkness 1 Kings 8:12/ Ps 18:11/ Ps 97:2 4. God is seen and heard Ex 33:23/ Ex 33:11/ Gen 3:9,10/ Gen 32:30/ Is 6:1/ Ex 24:9-11 God is invisible and cannot be heard John 1:18/ John 5:37/ Ex 33:20/ 1 Tim 6:16 5. God is tired and rests Ex 31:17… Read more »


Thanks for making this video. When I started it, I was curious about the original story (which I had read many years ago but forgot it by now), so I looked up Book of Judges on the Internet and saw the NIV version at Bible Gateway. I couldn’t believe what I was reading! It was like something out of Grimm’s Fairy Tales, only even more gruesome! The NIV translation made it easier to read than the King James Version – which was the same story written in incomprehensible English. This is a really revolting story! It made me think how… Read more »

Deavon Reye

Holy crap! If Christians actually read these stories, how could they
condone or approve of them???? 

Shane Holly

Come with me now on a journey to discover Samson. A mighty warrior hand
picked by god & bestowed with power from god to deliver gods will.


Samson Da Barbarian (part 1 of the Samson Trilogy):

Donald Kronos

I just wanted to share +DarkMatter2525 ‘s Samson Trilogy here, in case
anyone in the community may have missed it, or might wish to discuss
something about it with other community members, or might like a link to
share it with other people.

Dale Kamp

Judges 14:19 (King James Version)
19 And the Spirit of the Lord came upon him, and he went down to Ashkelon,
and slew thirty men of them, and took their spoil, and gave change of
garments unto them which expounded the riddle. And his anger was kindled,
and he went up to his father’s house.

Anthony Johnson

Samson Da Barbarian:

Tom Leeds

Someone get a hold of Matt Groening and Seth Mcfarlane because I think it’s
about time that +DarkMatter2525 get the backing and support to get these
reader for Sunday nights on FOX. They are good enough and they are smart
enough and doggone it like them!
Topical, timeless and educational, well maybe not topical but they could be.
+Donald Kronos back me up on this.

Simon S, Purveyor of truth & reason

Some of the best work I’ve seen from Dark Matter. Hilarious

Bruno Coutinho

You should try do something else with this trilogy, not sure what. It end
up really nice.

Snoot Snooterton

Hilarious. While I haven’t read this story in the bible yet, I have a
feeling it will be exactly like this. 

Laluk Cung

Samson was a lover, he fell in love to a Palestinian woman. He was loyal
and humble to his family and people. You totally portrait him in a
different disgusting way. 


People always portray Samson as very muscular. But if he was
supernaturally strong, wouldn’t it make more sense for him to be a skinny
guy that nobody could figure out how he managed to do such incredibly
strong things? A muscular guy being strong isn’t supernatural at all.
It’s just natural.

Dawson Fox

Ha you aren’t half the man I am.
I’m killing an unarmed man.
You haven’t got a leg to stand on.


That’s the kind of shit I would have written in my early fanfictions.
To think someone actually put it into any kind of published compilation…
oh the shame. I’d be glad it doesn’t have my actual name over it.
To think that compilation with my stupid fanfic survived over 2000 years…

Actually, I pity the author of it. What if he was an actual 13 year old who
was really embarassed of this three years later?

Gandal ff

Bible ripping of hercule story lol.

michael b

Apparently someone hates the bible so much. Mmmm, there is always a reason
behind this mockery of the bible. Does it feel great? Does it feel awesome
doing this? I think not. Why not make fun of harry potter or the greek
mythology? No right, lets make fun of the bible. Lets waste our time and
read carefully through the bible and then, umm, umm, make fun out of it.
(smh) May you find peace to your heart one day. And let me tell you this,
Samson was not a psychopath like you portray him in your little video. Have
a good day sir.

Bible Artist

I have been watching all of your comic Bible Stories; The more I watch, the
more I understand Bible Stories… thus you have been helping spreading the
Bible messages in great unique comic way! Thanks to you! DarkMatter2525 &
Ebolaworld are the unique modern messengers of Pantheism! May your God(s?)
bless you…

Anna Voltaire

Do you think anyone from Fox News watches these? They should. Maybe they’ll
laugh their asses off. It would give the head a place to get some oxygen so
the brain will function and shit out the giant pointed stick that’s been up
there with the head all these years.


5:18 – lol. Closing the door: classic.