One of these days, dingbat Palin is going to learn to just shut the fuck up…


Sarah Palin Launches Attack On ‘Hollywood Leftists’ – Receives Butthurt in Return

Never one to avoid an opportunity at the limelight, Tea Party darling Sarah Palin is at it again – this time lashing out at “Hollywood Leftists” in the wake of comments by Michael Moore regarding the new movie “American Sniper.”

It seems incredible that time and again she puts herself out there as what seems to be gluttony for punishment.

Palin reminds me of that old saying that it is better to have people think you are stupid than to open your mouth and prove them correct.

So anyway, Palin took to her Facebook page this Monday, writing:

God bless our troops, especially our snipers.
Hollywood leftists: while caressing shiny plastic trophies you exchange among one another while spitting on the graves of freedom fighters who allow you to do what you do, just realize the rest of America knows you’re not fit to shine Chris Kyle’s combat boots.
May the epic “American Sniper” bring nothing but blessings to Taya and the children of this true American hero.
Thank you Bradley Cooper and Clint Eastwood for respecting the United States Military.
– Sarah Palin

As one might expect, not all the responses to her post were supportive and we have selected a few interesting comments share with you here and please bear in mind, there are nearly 6K comments on her post now – some extremely horrid. We simply grabbed a fistful of odd ones here as examples.

And feel free to hop over to her page and see if you can feed the fires blazing there a bit. She seems clueless as to what happens on her page, but she has lots of adoring fans zombies who have very short chains to yank.


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Only when Bristol is slamming the lid down on her cold, lifeless corpse. Only then.