Saudi Ambassador Calls Atheists Terrorists – VIDEO


Saudi Ambassador explains on Al Jazeera why atheists are considered terrorists in Saudi Arabia.



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RT @holesinthefoam: Saudi Ambassador Calls Atheists … – #Atheism #ReligionOfPeace #SaudiTerrorists…

Stupid blind and irrelevant

Just when I thought these people couldn’t get any dumber they equate free expression with terrorism

Once more, the distorted superstitious mind at work.

#Atheist #Secular #Humanism #Atheism

Coming from a country with a list of human rights violations a mile long WTVR….

must be all the hand amputations for theft. Oh wait…

I haven’t seen a video featuring atheists donned in lab coats, and with scientific equipment, parading the streets holding up flags that have the periodic table, and shouting: “science is great”.

Saudi Ambassador Calls Atheists Terrorists

They are protected by their stupid and savage rules in their country so they open their mouths and say anything whiteout being questioned. They have no clue how retarded they look like when they’re out of their dungeon and someone can challenge them.

RT @Adenovir: Saudi Ambassador Calls Atheists Terrorists

Just… wait… 😛

Fuck that guy

Well, anyone who states publicly that Islam is a false religion and tries to persuade others is a threat to their absolute power and must be removed.