Saudi Man gets 10 years & 2,000 lashes for atheist tweets – VIDEO






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Ash Bats

I just don't understand why so many religious people believe they have to punish people for doing something that they view as going against the holy books they believe in. If religious people really think that the magical being they believe in will punish these people after this life, then they have no right/reason to make these people suffer in this life for not believing in a god.


saudi religious police IBN SHARMUTA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wahhabi cocksuckers can fuck off. USA sucks the dicks of these fuckers.

A Wilder

I am correct in saying atheism is considered terrorism by all accounts which is the most absurd crap I have heard of.

RT @holesinthefoam: Saudi Man gets 10 years & … – #IslamicBatshit #ReligionOfPeace #WtfSaudiArabia…