School Tries to Block Atheist Student Club Formation, All Hell Breaks Loose – VIDEO


This didn’t end well. Follow up story here… 



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Cult of Dusty is so much bullshit. The entire public school system is
already owned by atheists, this bit about schools clubs is trivial. So WTF.
How about this, we do away with public schools altogether and Christians
don’t have to pay for atheist schools any more.

John Doe

The atheist club? I thought that that was the”Not exactly hipsters, not
exactly intellectuals, but we think we’re a mix of both” club?


Christianity = fascism.


IM amazed that this is possible in a modern country like the US


Fucking christians are the scum of this planet, just blind stupid sheeple.

Reformed Reinhardt

Good for the school. Take your Stalin club somewhere else. Cheers! 🙂 


Here is the thing about ppl who believe in god and the bible, they are


Excuse me dickhead cult of dusty religious people tortured athiests?????

but if memory servers the ATHIEST USSR murdered millions of christians in
the bolshevik revolution and more in the gulags much more than all wars
waged by Christianity

everyone has blood on their hands and athiest has just as much if not more

Ethan Ramsey

um where the smaller no look here
77% of the USA is Christian
Only 15.6 atheist our downfall???
use facts not your own bias opinion and clean your mouth
your just making atheist look like well atheist


Oh ya and I love how your tiny brains only comprehend two types of people:
religious nutjobs, and nutjobs like yourself. Please do save yourself the
embarrassment and stfu.

Ian Furnell

Here’s a thought any group should be allowed there place in schools as long
as all groups agree to have one mixer every month as segregation can cause
problems too.


“You know what you did” – that’s speculation and emotion, not reason.
Pretty much the same uncompromising amerochristian fanaticism with rituals
and associated symbology in a new wrap. Leave the reason and science to
emotionally stable individuals – they don’t need your aggressive

Jacques Haché

” OHHH FUCK NOOOO” awesome…


What is the world coming to ? 9,830 complete idiots thumbing this video and
this moron up hahah ….


Yes thanks for the video, believers can’t accept the existence of secular
humanism or rationals,atheists…huhhh It doesn’t matter, as we atheists
are existed and our direction of freethink and logic and secularism proved
to be better, thanks The Amazing Atheist and thanks to my dear CultOfDusty

Carl Johnson

What exactly would they talk about at this Atheist Student Club?

allii khan

Gud work kids …. M from Pakistan it’s not easy to b an atheist here but I
belive in firmly tht to make this world reasonable place to live in
religion shudnt b there at all


I recently watched Stephen Fry as Craig Ferguson’s guest refer to a conversation he had with The Right Reverend Father Simon Lokodo, the current State Minister for Ethics & Integrity in Uganda who said that “men raping girls is natural,…as it is the right kind of child rape” adding “whilst heterosexual rape is morally preferable to consensual homosexual activity”. This was in response to Stephen Fry expressing his concerns by saying “Ugandan’s having so much more to worry about in your country than the odd gay person going to bed with the other gay person. For example, you have almost… Read more »

LNO Mike

It is sad, I did more a search on this story and she was being bullied into
closing the Atheist club she began. If that is true, it is a sad day in
the world of today to have this kind of shit still happening. Religion
just destroys everything.


Ancient fairy tale? Lol, that’s funny.


OH FUCK NAWWW!!!! jesus i fucking love this dude ahaha! LOOK MOTHER FUCKER,


I read that she eventually abandoned the atheist club due to fear for her

looks like we didn’t win this time :(

Jackson Carter

Great job kids I support you all the way, the planetary patriot is here. 

tobi uchiha

“People live their lives bound by what they accept as correct and true.
That’s how they define “reality”. But what does it mean to be “correct” or
“true”? Merely vague concepts … their “reality” may all be a mirage. Can
we consider them to simply be living in their own world, shaped by their

Jake Bat

Christians, we bash other religions, say atheists have no morals, promote
hate against atheists, but say Christians oppressed (despite making up of
75% of America). How pathetic. You know I went to Catholic school for two
years…..when a student said out loud in the class “I hate atheists” and
the teacher nodded yes that’s when the place that was made so I can be
“closer” to God made me want to be far away from him and some of his
followers who act like that. 

Drew Miles

wtf would a atheist club even do? complain together?


Pisgah HS also has a “Rifle Club.” How cute. 


They did that in Martin County high school in florida as well. it seems to
be a common thing


Ask an Atheist where they would be if that heinous Christian Charles Martel
had lost the Battle of Tours.


I think being an atheist is as retarded as being christian. Why enforce
that there are NO gods as a fact? You can’t know that for sure. 99.9999% is
not 100%. But again, you can’t know for sure.
Personally I feel better believing that this life is not a just a test. But
again, I’m not going to shove my beliefs to everyone that doesn’t think
like me. 


I was actually thinking about making an Atheist club for my school. The
people in this video are in the same state as me. Sucks on how they got
bullied though.

David G

Some famous atheists: Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Idi Amin Dada, Che, Castro,
Charles Manson. Quite a group you folks have.

Ally Benson

i wish hunter college had an atheist club, that’d make college a lot better
for me

Jesus Salgado

Fuck them kids not knowing wtf they want 

didn’t I just read somewhere that she backed down and closed the group due to increased threats? I look I’m sure I read it somewhere.

Yep saw it too, after I had already scheduled the video, this will get added to the post. It sucks.

and who says the dark ages are over.

RT @holesinthefoam: School Tries to Block Atheist Student Club Formation, All … – #Atheism #AtheismInSchools #Reli…

I wish people would threaten Christians for forming groups in school. It’s just not fair and it’s not free. Double standard for everything.

I’m just wondering why more local atheists aren’t speaking out on her behalf. Or maybe they are but they’re just not getting much press. It IS North Carolina.

They are awesome! Good for you!

Great story.