So now Reagan’s bible is some kind of divine relic? WTF is that all about? – VIDEO


Scott Walker Caught Lying About Ronald Reagan And The Bible (VIDEO)

Isn’t it some sort of major sin for a right-wing Christian to lie about both the Bible and Reagan?

One of Scott Walker’s favorite anecdotes is that of holding the Bible that Ronald Reagan was sworn in on. In his story, he implies that he was anointed the next Ronald Reagan by both Nancy Reagan and the Reagan Library curator. His story, though, is a huge exaggeration, at least according to the curator of the library.

In his story, he says he was invited by the former First Lady to give a speech at the Reagan Library in November of 2012 because she was so impressed with Walker’s union busting and the fact that he had beaten the recall. According to Walker, the curator of the library took Reagan’s inaugural Bible, which was the Reagan family Bible, out of its display.

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