SE: Krystal | Good Things Happen to Me – VIDEO


SE: Krystal | Good Things Happen to Me
San Antonio, Texas
21 October 2016

Krystal was 60 percent confident karma works in the way that she understands it.


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CTPaul 12

And then she drove off in her brand new Kar-ma!   :-)

Red Hunteur

"I guess I don't usually think about these things…" That is belief in a nutshell. It's when they vocalize their beliefs that they realize that they do not only have to really think about it, they also do not seem to believe their own responses.


"It takes them being rotten to other people to feel good."
Isnt that contradicting the way karma works?

"Karma is on a larger scale, you can do a bad thing an not necessarily bad things are going to happen."
What about in natural disasters, where thousands of both good and bad people where killed? Or the little old lady who always donated to charity and helped people in need, but was robbed and murdered by someone?


Hey Anthony, what about changing the "you"'s into "we"?

By the way, this is the guy you talked with about piracy. It's great to see you sticking to this. I've subscribed to your podcast also.

Russell Keating

I love when she said (about Karma) "I guess I just don't think about it that hard." To me that really sums up how people treat beliefs. They hold on to them without every really thinking about them. That's the best part of SE, getting people to think.


It's interesting how you've changed the legend on the 'scale' section from being confidence vs doubt to confidence vs questions. I'm not sure in which direction this might change the results.

Caribbean Man

I think the "some people…" wording at the end triggered me. lol. Jehovah's Witnesses often use those kinds of passive, indirect wording to subtly persuade people into giving them donations; attending their meetings or complying with the rules.


"how can you differentiate between the times karma notices your actions and the times is doesn't" such a good question! I am sure people don't think about the effectiveness of karma or prayer in this way.

Wood 'n' Stuff w/ Steve French

Excellent, as always.


I really think you're getting better at putting some pressure while still being empathetic and keeping the conversation open.

Love to see these, and they helped me talking with my highly religious relatives.


I really enjoy your recaps.

Penseur Sauvage

I'm pretty impressed about how honest she is to herself, it takes a lot more than what it looks like to just admit you didn't put enough thought into something you believe in.

Schrödinger's Cat

Anthony, I really appreciate what you're doing. Discovering your videos has proven to have been a pivotal moment in my life in terms of engaging in conversations and communication with others in general. Before stumbling upon your channel, I was already interested in practicing effective communication techniques when dealing with suspicious claims, but I was not aware of street epistemology. After having watched your videos, and seeing how fun and effective your talks have been, I have learned so much about unpacking and investigating someone's claims in a diplomatic, friendly and sincere way. I am grateful you decided to pick… Read more »


I'm not sure about the opening where you say you do talks about "whatever he/she wants to talk about" when it's not strictly speaking what's going on and it puts them slightly off track and feels to me, almost dishonest. I'm sure you've given this line some thought and have reasons for it, so I would love for you to say something about it if you would. other than that, as usual, I hugely enjoy your videos and your 'quest'

David W

She seemed to lean more towards karma being a product of our actions and their effects on ourselves and others, rather than some sort of universal consciousness keeping score. That's pretty reasonable. Cool conversation.

Daniel Kazmer

I think Krystal's pretty reasonable, and I think it's you, Anthony, who was erecting a strawman by giving Karma agency: "Karma notices". Krystal was very open, friendly and relaxed – very likable.

Sebastian Hähner

i like her, being straight away honest

Talladega Tom

You are SO good at doing these! Kudos to you sir.
The 'Magnabosco pause' is one of the keys. I love that simple yet effective bit of letting the gears of reason mesh.
It is so well done.

Frederic Douglas

Seems like you used to ask them near the beginning for permission to film the interview, but it seems here that you didn't bring that up.


Good video. Krystal is representative of most people. Not thinking too much about these things, adopting the general ideas around her that sound good.

Smacky Frog

she is using the word Karma but it seems like shes describing something more about mind over matter and positivity of her mindset being an asset more than any supernatural force.

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