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The bible you put so much faith in, is a selective translation off a book of bronze age stories, re interpretated, edit, and miss translated hundreds of times of centuries, and based on earlier stories from various sources. The main character of your new testament, is a person of who there is NO record, in Roman, Greek or Egyptian history, with no evidence such a person ever existed!

Oh dear, as long as she’s happy in her own delusion and doesn’t try to force it on other people……

Nope. Nothing linking a dino to a fowl. Searching is unnecessary.

King James Bible, written 400 years ago, using 600 year old texts, translated by court scribes, to please King James.

Sarah is correct – continued attempts to educate her will be futile…

I am so sick of these kinds of fucking stupid people!!! I actually want harm to come to these religious fuckers!!!

Well, all righty then…….

Blimey – is sarah saying she has read the book ? This could be a first and needs conformation

You see, it’s your inability to even attempt to write the word ‘dinosaur’ that disqualifies you from having a conversation with grown ups.

“Learning is unnecessary to me because my bible explains everything”

I can no longer differentiate between idiots and trolls.

She is proof that evolution sometimes produces throwbacks.

Like many grossly ignorant people, Sarah is oblivious to the depth of her ignorance.