The Secret Lives of… Atheists!! – VIDEO





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What a cruel lie about my atheist life!I heve a big picture of Pinkie Pie on the wall, not hello-kitty! Nothing wrong else i did not noticed, i need to kill another baby for breakfast)))

bain kae

pray to Almighty ALLAH, obey the 10 commandments or you will burn in hell forever. ALLAH is All knowing and merciful. ALLAH forgive me for my sins. Judgment day is soon. Life is a test for the afterlife. Jesus is a prophet. there’s no god except ALLAH and prophet Muhammad is the messenger. GOD is one. Islam is the True religion


How did I get here?


just realised why the australian guy was upside down lol


Thank you very much!


Hey, can we please make this a thing? I want to have a massive evil lair in my basement.


this pretty much shows what a dumbfuck you are.


this video shows what christians think about illuminati, are you a christian then?


you don’t know me so you can’t say people like me. i didn’t make up any conspiracy, the iluminaty thing is in that video and what i did is make a statement that the poster was not being represented by the right people and you have no idea what you are talkin about when coming to the illuminati, to be clear i don’t invent conspiraties, neither do i look for evidence, all i know is that we will only know a conspiracy is real once it happens and thanks for confirming that you are a dumbfuck

yuuke SAN

i laugh how everyone is using massive sentences to prove that they are right i maybe a christian but its just a video ¬_¬ no need to get butt hurt about it….


I don’t think he is attacking all Theists…… Just the ones that are making assumptions about him.. whether that be internally or in public.. Don’t take offense, I don’t think it was directed towards believers like yourself. In other words, keep educating yourself, and your faith will change with it, for better or for worse.

SaberKitty Zero

OMG its soo true. *Sobs.*


yes i m a dumbfuck, you have not met me in real life and think i am a dumbfuck, now that you showed that you are a dumbfuck because of that reason, people like you make up tons of conspiracies and most claim it is true, im simply used to it and you obviously have no evidence, i’ve looked it up on illuminati means “enlightened” not satanists or anything and there really is no solid proof just some videos discussing about illuminati and in their accounts they have videos about satan and jebus etc


Darkmatter, I find your work creative and well thought out.With that said, your comment disturbs me at the end of the video. I feel as though it is very paranoid. I believe in God and my husband is an atheist. I never treat him with this type of contempt that you allude to at the end of your video. Your work is brillant and has taught me a lot about the Bible and religion as a whole. I just feel as though you are being closed minded with those who do believe in god as atheist haters.


So, first the religious people found out that all the atheists really do believe in God, then they found out that Hitler was just pretending and didn’t really believe in God and then they found out that atheists worship the Devil.


its a conspiracy you dumbfuck, at least i admit its not 100% sure to be true. you are worse than religious people because you just randomly criticise a comment that just stated an “error” in the video and you don’t even bring a good argument to it, and for the evidence i will let you go look for it yourself, im not your servant


is there any factual evidence of that? people like you are just like religious nutcases say crap without any evidence and make something more up than reality

Brendan Stone

How the hell did he get into my house


The illuminati originate from the Knights Templar from the crusades.

Lou Cifer

The atheist is wearing Michael Jackson’s clothes from the smooth criminal music video


Thank you Darkmatter now I know what horrible lives Atheists live. THE WORLD MUST KNOW lol


I am an atheist and i have the stalin and mao portraits hanging on the walls of my entrance lobby….

Joël Ouellette

The Church of Satan uses Satan only as an image, a metaphor.


Funny fact.To belive in Satan you must belive in God.So in conclusion satanist are christians.

Lou Cifer

I’m an atheist and all I eat is devils food cake and deviled eggs…JK

Conor Healy

The Illuminati texts we have recorded, especially their Code, have shown they believe in a Creator, a Higher Plane of Existence, and most specifically, the Nephilim, who are, according to the bible, a cross between humans and angels.

They believe they are Nephilim, and wait for a time when angels will come down and allow them to create more Nephilim (they inbreed until then.)

Ralph Bromley

I wish I had a secret lair…


I’m an Atheist and I love worshiping Marx-Hitler McStalinSatan while being a liberal homosexual Nazi who aborts babies and advocates “evil”ution. Not.

Eze Ahuna

It took me forever to figure out why Australian guy was upside down, I’m guessing b/c Christians once believed that the earth was flat, instead of round and sphere like.


The NSA have like a few hundred people doing the wiretapping shit. Considering the amount of places people communicate on the internet and over phones, this makes it very unlikely that they give a shit about what you say lol.



I erased it because I don’t want any flak from NSA, also you want an example? A man named Stephen Dollins can back my claims up. Also, stop gobbling up on nigga’s nutsacks.

Webby Urchin

Totally accurate 😉


Yeah I can see what you wrote even if you deleted it, it shows in my inbox, I know you wrote Barack Obama, and you are an idiot for doing so.

Michael Wright

They. Are. On. To. Us


can you name one?

Bryan Crawford

As a fellow atheist, I can honestly say that once I open my mouth about proudly being one, people start pouring out these assumptions.


I’m an Atheist and I confirm this as being very accurate.


lmfao…I mean…yep seems like a typical Sunday night for me. >.>


mitä vit…

Lord Lillith

get over yourselves, real people don’t give two shits what you think, so stop bashing what some people think. get the fuck over it

ice pack

“why are you a piece of shit” “you are nothing more than a common troll on the internet stop being so pathetic”-you. and im hateful? how ironic huh. did i ever curse at anyone? you stop being hateful!! i presented evidence which you didnt, and you try to move the argument from what im talking about. i told you to not respond if you didnt have evidence. i was nieve in even starting a normal argument with people that wont recognize the evidence and sway all conversation with their stupidity.

M the Atheist

Oddly I remember my life on Sundays being more like this than I would like to admit.
Also, people made insane assumptions about me too. Oh well.


LMFAOOO!!! Ooooh God, send these Atheist a practical sign that they’re douchebags at time.


LMFAOOOOO!!!!!!!! … but uhh… some people DO live like this.

Evan Zona

you sound just as hateful as a religious person if your an atheist if your a religious person your a hypocrite

Evan Zona

are you a religious person or not i cant tell