Secular Jihadists EP43: Male Circumcision: Religious Freedom or Child Abuse?


With Iceland weighing a ban on male infant circumcision, the usual outcry from Jews and Muslims about “religious freedom,” and prominent Muslim activists like Maajid Nawaz now openly speaking against the age-old procedure, circumcision is back in the news in a big way. In this episode, we speak to Brian D Earp, Associate Director of the Yale-Hastings Program in Ethics and Health Policy at Yale University and a Research Fellow at the Centre for Practical Ethics at the University of Oxford. He holds degrees from Yale, Oxford, and Cambridge, is the prolific author of dozens of research publications, and is a leading academic authority on infant genital cutting. In this fascinating conversation, we cover all of the usual arguments given for circumcising healthy newborns—from religious and cultural reasons to those supposed “health benefits.” We talk about FGM, how it compares to male circumcision procedurally, anatomically, politically, and socio-culturally. And importantly, we talk about the ethics of cutting babies: is it ever justified? If you have an opinion about male circumcision, you’ll find it addressed here. Check it out.



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Ryan Lessl

Good conversation. After Brian D. Earp left the conversation, the other two kept talking. I agree with the gentleman who said, "They're our parents, that's why we don't want to blame them, but maybe they should be blamed". He said this in response to the other guy being a typical mutilation-apologist, choosing to deny that his parents inhumanly brutalized him. People like him forgive mutilating parents and blame it on "brainwashing" or "misinformation" coming from doctors or other authority figures. Because apparently one naturally can't sense it for oneself, one naturally needs to be told, that strapping down babies and… Read more »

marcel Weiss Wojtkowiak Roth szepan

Im 10 years old

marcel Weiss Wojtkowiak Roth szepan

Im circumised but im peeing and im was the dr touched my penis when used the pass and im was in this 8 minutes

BjDoll Colored Pencil

if someone maltreat the body of a boy with you hands or penis for his sexuel need is a hard crime and the Person goes to prison. But if someone is maltreat the body ob a boy with a knife and cut away a highliy fuctional part of the body for his religiouse need it is is celebrated …What a stupid and crazy world… And people that want to protect Children from that are called "Anti-Semites"…

It is 100 % child abuse in kombination with serious bodily injury !!!

Andres Larsson

Very Good guys! Best I heard in Long Time! My biggest anger on this is why rich "liberal" Manhattan jews or sionists in the expensive parts of Stockholm Sweden want poorer less educated somalianswedes, palestinaswedes and Pakistaniswedes to proceed this madness. The real swedes want all muslims to stop. We have to be aware that sexuality is also a matter of money. The same "secular" jews that critisise muslims all the time do promote the Worst part of islamic culture 🙁 Its like Freud said: The clitoris is not nessessery for grown ups. Abraham dont want men being playful "down… Read more »

Bamber Banbury

The pain is so clear
Like the tears in a baby’s eyes.
Lyrics from pretty child by Indus creed.

Daniel Goldman

All the science denial here is rather funny. Systematic reviews are the highest form of scientific evidence, and systematic review of circumcision shows that the benefits far outweigh the risks.

"Our risk-benefit analysis showed that benefits exceeded procedural risks, which are predominantly minor, by up to 200 to 1. We estimated that more than 1 in 2 uncircumcised males will experience an adverse foreskin-related medical condition over their lifetime."

Photographe Demode

No disease, No treatment and defintely no surgery to correct what is normal. Circumcision is barbaric, unethical, morally bankrupt.
Religious circumcision should have been banned centuries ago. Blooding cutting rites on a child's sex organ has all the markings of sadism. Health benefits lies were obviously invented to make the horror seem rational.

Max Power

Baby torture. Hell on earth.

Jason-Garth Hue

Child abuse

Thor Jonsson

On behalf of Intact Iceland, thank you for this great and important discussion.


This is male genital mutilation. Without consent. It is, therefore, child abuse and should be outlawed Nature gave males a foreskin for a reason. Not for it to be chopped off. End this disgusting barbarism now!

Gregory Malchuk

We need a ClRCUMCISION BAN, PUNISHMENT FOR THE PERPETRATORS, and government funding for Foregen to use tissue regeneration to regenerate our foreskins and make our bodies whole again! Boys deserve EQUAL PROTECTION under the GENITAL MUTILATION LAWS!!!


Thanks for unequivocally stating how wrong this Human Rights abuse is. Thanks for speaking out. Circumcision is barbarism.


From the AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION’s website. AMA Journal of Ethics. August 2017, Volume 19, Introduction The foreskin is a **COMPLEX GENITAL STRUCTURE that covers the head of the penis and performs a variety of SEXUAL, IMMUNOLOGICAL, and PROTECTIVE FUNCTIONS. ** With a total adult surface area of 30-50 cm2 [1, 2] and DENSE INNERVATION , the foreskin is highly touch-sensitive tissue [3]. **Its contractible muscle fibers EXCLUDE CONTAMINANTS [4], while its mucous surface provides a second, immunological layer of protection [5, 6]. ** The foreskin keeps the glans moist and facilitates a gliding action that promotes pleasurable sexual sensations [7-10].… Read more »