Secular Jihadists EP47: Future of Islam in the West: We Talk to a Conservative Muslim


Daniel Haqiqatjou earned his physics degree at Harvard. This is also where he became a devout, dedicated Muslim. Today, he runs, featuring articles like, “Yes, It’s Okay for Mosques to Ban Women,” and “Attracted to the Same Sex? Marry the Opposite Sex.” Coming from a secular Shia Iranian background, Haqiqatjou now identifies with conservative Sunni Islam. Daniel also writes and lectures on contemporary issues surrounding Muslims and modernity, and is a contributor to the Muslim Debate Initiative. In this episode, we talk about a range of topics. What is an ideal Islamic society? Are the punishments for gays and apostates in Islam justified? Is Islam inherently political? How do we define secularism, freedom, liberty, and happiness? Pre-release clips from this episode have already caused a good amount of controversy. Check it out.



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Muhmin Aboobacker

Wow….just wow….im a muslim but gotta say the other two guys made more more sense than Daniel ever tried to make.

Fiyadh Mowla

Oh my God, this guy is so well versed with everything. And to think such AMAZING talent came up with DISGUSTING conclusions shows the TRUE HORROR of Islam. Not Isis, not reform, just good ol academic Islam contaminating such a brilliant mind. I feel sorry for his pure irrevocable hard wired brain.

Mohammad Khan

The other Persian is an Idiot!!!! Fa faf cha cha what a monkey. Let your guest talk and let me them finish their sentences


So Haqiqatjou generally proposes a totalitarian regime where everyone is either unhappy, driven crazy with fear that the state will discover he or she does not believe anymore, or executed. Fortunately for us such a state can't exist for a long time, as histoy taught us many times. Everyone has their vices and sooner or later everyone will risk execution under the regime's rules, regular citizens as well as rulers: People want to be able to believe or disbelieve as they choose and speak up when they do. People want to have parties. People got in love outside marriage, etc.,… Read more »


Going through this video again, because I really liked this. So, here Sec. Jihadist says that he is assigning meaning to the words and not presupposing them. but the thing is that Daniel is understanding every word that they are using. That really strange!

Maxmud Xareed

a debate between one educated person and two ignorant morons

Maxmud Xareed

Brother Daniel educated these two morons

Aminah Farah

I feel like the two hosts were way out of their depth. They had little understanding of commonly understood philosophical concepts, which they tried to mask by being strident and talking over their guest. Made for uncomfortable listening, which is a shame because this was an important and interesting topic.

Lenny Carlson

BRother Daniel BATTERED the oppositon here MASHALLAH TABARKALLAH

Zatchooze Naut

The Muslim did a wonderful job arguing against abstinence only education. We see from statistics that Americans with abstinence only end up with more teen pregnancies and STDs than those who have safe sex education.

Zatchooze Naut

Metaphysics of the gaps.

Fahad Butt

At 1:43:20 I want to slap the host so bad.

Fahad Butt

Daniel, maybe you shouldn't be talking to people with 40 IQ points below yours…

boyd 00

Listening to this interview was worse than listening to fingernails scratching a chalkboard. It went in circles and went no where. I got nothing out of it. The meaning of meaning of meaning of meaning… ugh!!!


I'm not sure Armin or Ali will even read this, but your disdain and dismissal of philosophy are what made you look like complete fools in this conversation, and I'm saying that even if I've agreed on virtually everything you said in previous episodes. No, philosophy isn't all about defining what meaning means. It's also, like Daniel said, about metaphysics and building your moral system from its foundations. Without properly defining and thinking through those foundations, you'll make your claims look like shams to everyone who's slightly interested in normative ethics.If anything, this debate shows that you're right on the… Read more »

Thelma Parker

Poor indoctrinated fool!

Asbjørn Bergh

Armin are interupting to much. You have to create a dialouge..

Greg Pearcey

POTUS or Islam….the family business