Secular Jihadists EP51: Growing Up Gay and Muslim


We speak to Jimmy Bangash, a gay British-Pakistani ex-Muslim and activist member of the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain. Jimmy grew up in a traditional Pashtun family in London where he stood in ardent opposition to the patriarchy and misogyny in his community. He is a poet and writer who focuses on Islamic patriarchy and the experience of gays in Muslim communities. Jimmy recently contributed a chapter to the book “Leaving Faith Behind,” chronicling the stories of ex-Muslims, and is a co-founder and integrative coach at Jimmy also works closely with our previous co-host Yasmine Mohammed in her Free Hearts Free Minds campaign, which provides counselling, therapy, and support for ex-Muslims around the world. This is one of the most moving and inspiring episodes we’ve ever done. Jimmy is passionate, articulate, and has inspired so many of his fellow ex-Muslims, including us. Check out our conversation.

Read about CEMB’s “Allah Is Gay” campaign:

See how Antifa tried to shut down persecuted LGBT activists from Muslim-majority countries:

Jimmy and Armin at CEMB’s Secular Conference in London:



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Secular Jihadists

Watch the video version of this show:

Tiffany MArie

Great. Pakiatan made nukes for this gay nataion.

Time Lord

Don't worry man. There used to be a time when the Christian God was against homosexuality. Now he isn't. I am sure Allah will change his mind if we keep pushing. History has shown us that's exactly how it works.

Abdul Muaiz

Another great show discussing stuff revolving around exmuslim world,me being one found it good to have another resource.

but can you please improve on the audio quality? sometimes it's really hard to listen to especially in an environment with background noise like in a car.


“Straight White Male” You people are obsessed with race


Did the 9/11 terrorists drink and go to stripclubs because they knew their sins will be forgiven or did they do it as a cover?

Julia Gardner

This conversation is amazing. So many really important and interesting points are dealt with, with a lot of humanity.