Secular Jihadists EP56: Jerry Coyne: Why Science & Religion Are Incompatible…


In this episode, we are joined by the renowned evolutionary biologist and New York Times-bestselling author of Why Evolution is True, Jerry Coyne. Jerry is currently a professor emeritus at the University of Chicago, and recently published Faith vs. Fact: Why Science and Religion are Incompatible. We talked about what science is, how it works, what people most misunderstand about it, and why the very concept of faith is fundamentally unscientific. We also talked about some of the scientific claims in religious scriptures. Don’t miss this.

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Secular Jihadists

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Simpleeni White

The greatest scientists in history were believers and Christians. And today. Faith and science do not contradict each other. And they are not opposed.


All those religious people who made scientific discoveries, did so because they were not satisfied with "god dunnit" as an "explanation".

Dan C.

So Coyne thinks science and religion are incompatible? Bwhahahahahahahahahahahaha. It's apparent he's not very keen on history. God believing scientists laid the foundation for 20th and 21st century science. Coyne, Dawkins and Krause, who mock Christians as dithering, inbred morons, stand on the shoulders of great scientists who were Christians. From Kepler, to Galileo, to Boyle, to Pasteur, to Newton, to Copernicus and the list goes on and on. It's a prestigious list and reads like a Who's Who in Science list. If you want the link, just let me know. Not only that, but 65.4% of all Nobel Prizes… Read more »

The Mennonite Atheist

ARMIN, I agree with you! Love Jerry Coyne and agree with his thesis about the incompatibility of science and religion, but he has completely failed to understand Sam Harris’ argument about objective morality, which you described accurately. He straw manned Harris. Harris freely admits that there is no moral law intrinsic to the universe or to the neural pathways of the brain (as Coyne falsely suggests), but IF we agree that well-being is the goal of morality then we can determine whether a behaviour is moral or immoral based on how successfully it produces well-being. It is the same in… Read more »

Sagan Worshipper

Hell yea! Great convo…..On a different note, Armin please look at the comments on the video (audio) you did with Pangburn. Please talk to that dude, everyone is fucking pissed the fuck off…..BIGTIME! Thanks!

tea for 2

So the moon dosint follow the sun into a muddy pool ?? the moon isn't split in two??