Secular Jihadists EP57: Jordan Peterson vs. Sam Harris: A Behind the Scenes Review


Everyone wants to know what happened at the two back-to-back Jordan Peterson vs. Sam Harris Pangburn Philosophy events in Vancouver last month. (Videos of the events won’t be out until the next two events in the UK are completed.) Fortunately, our very own Secular Jihadists host Armin Navabi is Director of Media at Pangburn Philosophy, and was there, behind the scenes, for both nights—before, during, and after. He did this exclusive AMA episode after the event where he discussed Harris and Peterson’s conversation at length and answered our patrons’ questions.

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Hear Travis Pangburn and Armin Navabi discuss the events further here:



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Secular Jihadists

Watch the video version of this show:

Rudy Borkovic

Love the Harry Potter fan fiction analogy, spot on Ali

Sagan Worshipper

Sam's ghost analogy was a massive truth nuke. The same as when he used his fish recipe analogy. Jordan is a clown.

Nilufar Rahman

No matter what the way he Dr Peterson presents the story is awesome! You can't deny it. I love stories but not necessarily invest on it.

fuck the alt right

oh god that was very shity video
you guys are retards

Out of Blue Pills

On Peterson being a tacit Postmodernist: Thank you! I've thought this for a long time. You're the first person I've heard say it out loud.

liczba pojedyncza

I've enjoyed this one sooo much! Thx


Peterson living rent free in ex-Muslim heads. Also kinda fun to watch ex-Muslims worship a Jew so much. Lol adorable