Secular Jihadists EP67: A Young Woman’s Escape from Saudi Arabia


We speak to Salwa, a young Saudi woman who made her escape from Saudi Arabia at great risk. Now she is a refugee in Canada, a vocal atheist, and her social media posts documenting simple, daily life for a free woman in Canada have drawn tens of thousands of followers from her home country. In this episode, she is joined by her translator friend Mustafa, another Saudi atheist and refugee. We talk about her incredible escape, her life in Saudi Arabia, her views on the Crown Prince, and her destination had she been caught: the Dar Al Reaya, a female prison system where Saudi women who bring “shame” to their family—including victims of rape and abuse—are kept, tortured, and even sold to high bidders. This is a must-listen episode.

Read about the Dar Al Reaya here:
And here:



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Secular Jihadists

Who would you like Ali and Armin to have on as a guest?

Fiyadh Mowla

Discussion at 55:00 (lolz)
Guy – "Has their been sexual harassment during Hajj"
Muslimah – "Yea"
Guy-"Can you please explain why Allah is not protecting the very people coming to His sacred House for Hajj?"
Muslimah – "Its the ultimate test by Allah so it makes perfect sense. If we have strong Iman even after that, Allah will forgive all our sins and bless us Paradise in the afterlife"
Guy-"…… Ok (Face Palm)"


Welcome to Canada, we are honored to have you : )
Bienvenue au Canada ma belle !

Gloomy End

Well, she didn't answer most of the questions correctly because her language didn't help get out the informations right.

And as another atheist woman from Saudi Arabia I'm already studying my choices to make my runaway plan.

Wandering Aimlessly

God is not dying. I don’t wNt a new world order.

سعود المالكي شخصيا

A prostitute working in prostitution will be subjected to dishonorable disgrace by her ugly face like a demon thought to be

Kay C

Her surrounding made her escape not all Muslims are the same. Her family are ignorant

Faisal 1404

She is a liar girl … Damn her


1:05:55 In school they taught her, "We have to hate them to be Muslim". See, without religion, how are you supposed to know who to hate. You might go off all willy-nilly not hating anyone without religion or other dogma. What kind of world would be live in then? I can only Imagine.

saad alqhtani

Did you forget how many women in the seventies of the indigenous people killed you do not seek to liberate the Marta, but to exploit it to satisfy your animal desires

saad alqhtani

You talk about the freedom of the woman and on the other side we see the rape of women and push them in the nightclubs to make sure to satisfy your sexual desires

saad alqhtani

I think she will have a great opportunity to join a nightclub in Canada

Khaled Alqahtani

I was living in canada ( toronto and sudbury ) for 6 years. Lady trust me you will regret one day for leaving ur country. U r thinking that canadian will take care of you and treat you well. Welcome to the weed and racist country.


Canada is a better country because people like Salwa come here.

Mohamed Hamzah Mohamed Osman

Prof. Johnathan AC Brown
Islam Spread by the sword rebuked.


الاسلام دين شيطاني. Islam is of Satan. As an ex Muslim, I confess that. Btw the translator has a horrible Iraqi accent lol. Btw the hadeeth doesn’t say that most women will end up in hell. It says that when MOHAMAD saw hell, he saw that most of the people in hell were women. I find that the hosts here aren’t strong when it comes to their knowledge of Islamic fiqh/ahadeeth/shariah. Bring forth a host who is literate so that the fiqh is clear. As for Canada, it sucks here. I’d rather live in ksa than here. At least the… Read more »


The Saudi flag has the Shahada and a sword on it……….kinda says it all really.

Laurelin Doty

I've heard Richard Dawkins say that there have been 10million illegal downloads of his book, The God Delusion, in Muslim majority countries, including Saudi Arabia.

Laurelin Doty

Great interview! I want to meet her!

Maxmud Xareed

Looking for money and unlimited sex

Mohamed Hamzah Mohamed Osman

UN report documents evidence of mass atrocities in Myanmar against the Rohingya Investigators interviewed hundreds of witnesses who confirmed indiscriminate shootings, executions, sexual violence, and the destruction of villages. Witnesses described soldiers dragging Rohingya people out of their homes and shooting them at point-blank range or slitting their throats. “If people were not killed by the gunshots, they were slaughtered to make sure they were really dead,” Women and girls were physically and mentally tortured and brutally raped, according to the report. Some were tied naked to trees by their hands or hair. In an ambush on Maung Gyi Taung,… Read more »

Henry Solomon

How Many Of Us Caught Her Awesome Remark?.."Atheists Understand The Muslim Ideology More Than Most Muslims" Which In My Opinion Is One Of The Reason Why Muslims Can't Leave Their Cult.She's So Brilliant.

Logic beats Speculation

lol, she was brilliant in how she escaped !!

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