Secular Jihadists EP69: Muhammad: The Man. The Message. The Mystery.


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There are some things we know about Muhammad—but what’s more interesting is what we don’t know. The earliest surviving biography of Muhammad, by ibn Hisham, is from over 200 years after his death. That biography is based on an earlier biography by Ibn Ishaq which did not survive to the present day except in fragments, but itself was written over 100 years after Muhammad’s death. Almost everything we know about Muhammad aside from the scant details in the Quran, almost every story we hear, is from these early biographies. The first time Muhammad’s name ever appeared on any official state document was on a coin, over 50 years after he died. There is no mention of him in any other state documents, including those of the Umayyad caliphate. All six of the “authentic” hadith compilations began a full 200 years after his death, based on oral traditions passed from generation to generation. The only reliable indicator from his lifetime is the Quran, which mentions him only four times by name, but is also remarkably cryptic about this time in history. Although Muhammad almost certainly existed, the details of his biography are vague. We dug into all of this and more in our continued conversation with Abdullah Gondal. Don’t miss this.

Pakistani Ex-Muslim Abdullah Gondal (with Abdullah Sameer):

Dan Gibson’s documentary “The Sacred City”:

Tom Holland’s documentary “Islam: The Untold Story”:

Abdullah Gondal with Veedu Vidz:



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Secular Jihadists

Who would you like Ali and Armin to have on as a guest?

Zia Rehman

Cabba is still Hindu temple with Shiva Lingam in it . The black stone is and was Lingam if you call it Higra e Aswad it still means black stone.

Zia Rehman

Hey Gondal, I have lot more for you to giggle.

Michelle Abdullah

I've only been an ex-muslim for a couple of days so listening to this makes me feel like i am having an out-of-body experience.

Asbjørn Bergh

You have to work with your interviewing skills. You are interrupting to much! Let people speak until they are finished!

Ali Saadi

All praise is for Allah, the Lord of the Worlds and may His peace and blessings be on the Prophet Muhammad, his household and companions. The latest podcast of the Secular Jihadists released to public on the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was not very difficult to debunk and deconstruct as a lay person. A few points to begin with, Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) blessed life and times is not the life of your next door neighbor, not the life of a celebrity, not the life of a politician nor that of an athlete. You cannot just shrink it to a two-hour fun-making… Read more »

Homity Pie

This was a pretty boring episode because the guest essentially presented the traditional narrative of Muhammad without much concern for its historical reliability.

Trent Malik

@9:30 some say Petra

Trent Malik

“In his June 15 briefing to me, Goode explained that the current treaty is referred to as the “Muhammad Accords” since it dates back to the time of the Prophet Muhammad (570-632 AD). Further Goode added that prior to the “Muhammad Accords,” extraterrestrials and Inner Earth civilizations openly interacted with surface humanity. It was decided that in order for surface humanity to evolve, open contact would end, and that extraterrestrials and Inner Earth civilizations would no longer openly intervene in human affairs. Goode then said that the meeting referred to by Kaaree had been held, and the request for a… Read more »

Trent Malik
Daffy B

Another exceptionally presented and detailed exposé.

Kata Khresis

The Maniac, the Madness, the Misery

LM Interests

The Quran verse I find more curious than the one about adoption and how self serving it was to Mohammed is the one about not going early or staying late when invited to Mohammeds house.

saeed adan

to the atheist, you'll never understand the quran, because there is a disease in your hearts, and god may increase the disease in your hearts, or he may show you the light, I pray the latter

Moiz Sheikh

armin needs to stop interrupting. jesus.

Carl Lindquist

Would love to hear you guys discuss episodic different aspects of historical events in islam. Just like this episode! We need more of that and include the modern fatwas and hadith intepretations along with it =)

Robert Roberts

Hail Xenu, our TRUE MESSENGER of GOD, peace be upon his mountain prison!

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