Secular Jihadists EP72: Sam Harris Speaks to Ex-Muslims


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In 2004, Sam Harris published his award-winning first book, “The End of Faith”—a scathing attack on religion and superstition that helped launch the so-called “New Atheist” movement along with later books by Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and Daniel Dennett. It was the first of a string of bestsellers for Sam, which include Islam and the Future of Tolerance, his dialogue with Muslim reformer Maajid Nawaz. Today, Sam hosts Waking Up, one of the most popular podcasts in the world. He has also been a committed, unwavering supporter of freethinkers from the Muslim world through the years. We talked to him about Islam, Islamic reform, Muslims, the Regressive Left, the rise of Trump, the ex-Muslim movement, and more. Check it out.



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Secular Jihadists

Who would you like Ali and Armin to have on as a guest?

Jon Armani


sophie Y

I just discovered your channel.
Science /Education is the key to awakened life.
If science ruled the world ,humanity will properly eradicted all the disease with vaccination and research.
Anti -vacinne mothers are setting as back in to middle ages .


It depends on what you mean by Ex-Muslims – Jordan Peterson


We need more of this!!!!!!!!!!! MORE


Evidence…. Intellectual honesty…Humm, I have not read all of Joseph Campbell's books (only one, and it was ages ago..) However, I rewatched the documentaries last winter, as they have been made available on NF Canada.Joseph Campbell never seems to give a direct explanation as to what kind of spiritual experiences he has had, but he certainly gives the impression they have made the nature of existence a little clearer to him..Now, I know for a fact that Kundalini awakening exists because it happened to me. However, it is not a literal snake at the end of the spine. Rather, it… Read more »


I'm not an atheist (spiritual but not religious..) but I laugh so hard everytime I hear the intro. It's pure genius!!!

Ashley Moore

It's interesting to see how Armin behaves when the guest is someone he has a lot of respect for. He didn't interrupt once. He even asked for permission to speak at one point! Don't get me wrong, I love the podcast, but just wanted to point this out.


The verse "No compulsion in religion" was talking about non-Jewish children who had been committed to becoming Jews who then wanted to become Muslim instead of being forced to leave with the Jewish tribe. Mohammed then revealed the verse allowing them to do this.


Sam Harris doesn't understand Islam. It can't be reformed. If someone attempts to do this they will just be labeled a heretic or an apostate and then be killed.
I don't see how anyone can vote for the Leftist Party. Stop calling them the "Democratic Party". This term doesn't mean anything.


Kafir radio

Alek Samson

Credit going where it doesn't belong is not the end of the world. Especially if the world becomes a better place. Chrstians credit their religion for morality and everything good. Even science.


Wtf are these guys saying? Are they using microphones from the 80's?

Khaled Rapp

10:30 "apostasize is more likely." Get the fuck out of here.

Kyle Grounds

Stoked you guys got Sam! This'll be huge for you 🙂


SImply awesome stuff!

Simon Skinner

Sam Christianity is not a book, it was and still is a movement, and the Holy Bible just writes about it. It exists without the book, which is hard for you to understand in a material view, because the barriers to faith are yours not everyone's. The book needs to be understood and taught in its single meaning.

Simon Skinner

At 45 minutes Sam talks of a church couple that he introduced to Atheism, and they were influenced by him as they were stuck in blind faith. Well this is now happening vice versa where youths that have never heard the Holy Bible are becoming Christian because it has the answers to their chaotic lives. Blind faith in Leftism or other religion is bad, as even a Christian must have reason for their faith, 1 Peter 3:15.

So an ignorant Leftist is no better than a fundamentalist Muslim if they are militant murderers. Are they?

Simon Skinner

Sam Harris made a good point that Christianity is less influential now, so to Sam if Islam which is dangerous would be like Christianity, then it also would fade into the background.
But I see that Christianity weakening has allowed Islam to spread into a Westernised non-Christian left wing spiralling out of control society, which offends Muslims and causes them to be violent. The hornets nest is to get rid of the peace loving Protestant Christianity, which does not include Roman Catholicism.
Sam you get stung because the hornets are the Muslim and the militant left.

Verse Squared

Father Mother Universe, teach me all knowledge and to teach all knowledge, not my freewill but thy will be done.- 5grams psilocybin and weed.


So… What's up with Gaza?


Whoever wrote that intro deserves a Pullitzer prize. 😀