Secular Jihadists EP76: India: Religion and Nationalism


India is the largest secular democracy in the world, but religion still plays an important role in its society and its politics. While 80% of its population is Hindu, it also has the third largest Muslim population in the world after Indonesia and Pakistan. Although Hindu-Muslim tensions have always existed in the region, recent years have seen the rising influence of fervent Hindu nationalism, or “Hindutva,” which has a central position in Indian politics. We speak with Zubin Madon, an Indian writer at HuffPost, The Nation, and our own Atheist Republic. Born into a Parsi Zoroastrian family in Mumbai, Zubin was ordained as a priest at age 12, and then eventually became an atheist. This was a super compelling conversation that we learned so much from. You don’t want to miss this.



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Suyog Parab

First of all I am an astik Hindu Shaivite & I enjoyed your conversation, also a great fan of Armin. My only concern regarding this whole conversation was the way "Neharu" painted by Zubin, an ideal leader or the only solution for Indians bla blah..Here is the actual quote of Neharu, when his Congress government shot dead 107 Marathi people, the citizens of newly independent Country, demanding for already promised Linguistic state `Maharashtra´- "Marathi people should be thankful that we used only Guns, had there been other governments, they would have used Tanks to crush the deamand." This was the… Read more »

Jim Halpert

Why the f*ck would you have a left wing commie talk about Hindus? I have a problem with Hindutva too but what the f*ck was that? Please talk to somebody who has not grown up reading about his religion from western authors who had no clue about the depth of Sanatana Dharma. So disappointing.

Morpheus x

This is the only secular platform where great ideas of secularism and humanism come together uniting humans regardless of religion , ethnicity and race .

Morpheus x

Great debate Thank you guys love it .It is high time Atheist for all religious denominations unite and speak out against the horrible religions that hide behind the cloak of decency and morality .


As an atheist, who's from India, I must say the good guest knows his history well from the past couple of centuries, but his explanations of the provenance of what Hinduism today is spectacularly lacking. Sounds like he's had a terrible time with the hindutva fanatics poor guy, but it isn't an excuse for deeper research . What hinduism was , why it is the way it is , needs several hours of unearthing. Also, I'm assuming he meant "CHAR-vaka" not the karvaka sect and why they were atheists. I weep for the fact that sects like the Charvakas and… Read more »

Ali Akbar

Hi Guys, hope your well

My name is Ali Akbar, I have been watching yours and other ex – muslims videos and reading through websites for quite some time now.

I spoke to Shaykh Asrar Rashid from Birmingham U.K regarding these matters, the shaykh asked me to set up a dialogue /debate with ex/muslims, saying that he will be happy to debate a few ex muslims together.

Please reply to me so that we can get this arranged.

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aparichit sahay

This guy from huffpost is such a left leaning bigot….even Pakistani guy was better than that


Vedic religions are such pacifist pussy religions. Islam will always win because it taps into the psycho-social systems hard-wired in all humans.

Anand Nayak

Guys because there lots of atheist over here I would urge everyone to not to be believers and do there own research before making any conclusions.

Anand Nayak

Did Zubin mention that Savarkar was also an atheist

Pranav Joshi

Very disappointing to be frank. I like Zubin, but there was almost no discussion of what Hinduism is. As an atheist who was born into a so-called upper caste Hindu family and has read something of Hindu religion and philosophy, I can say this discussion was mostly bare. It should have begun with the basics of Hindu religion and philosophy and then proceeded to link it with Hindutva and its dangers. I wouldn't mind speaking to you guys, Armin and Ali 🙂

kumar saiesh rane

If you want to know about Hindutva, read the book written by its founder. Not by someone else. Also, organisation's views evolve just like peoples. Just like Zubeen was a religious guy at one point but is an atheist now. But somehow people say that RSS is the same org that it was 80 years ago. Whatever Savarkar and golwalkar wrote at that time reflected the tension in the country at that time. RSS is not a religion that it'll look at the books as a guide to act on a daily basis. Its goal is Hindu Rashtra and it… Read more »