Secular Jihadists EP77: The Curse of God: With Pakistani-Australian Ex-Muslim Author Harris Sultan


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“The Curse of God” is the new upcoming book by Harris Sultan, a passionate ex-Muslim activist who of Pakistani origin who now lives in Australia. We talked about what motivated him to write his excellent book, his background, and his efforts to help a young atheist man in Pakistan named Spartacus (to protect his identity) escape persecution in the country. Don’t miss this!

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Secular Jihadists

Who would you like Ali and Armin to have on as a guest?

Saleem Raza

For Hindus going on about atrocities committed by some Muslim rulers. Ordinary muslims, especially now are not to be blamed for that. What about the Hindu caste system which oppressed and humiliated millions of lower caste men and women for thousands of years?. History is full of atrocities by most religions. Understand that.

Jay Cherney

I don't believe the answer is "flying him out". I can see how this might seem rich from some one whose life is not at risk. Clearly people will take advantages in search of a better life, but cases like Mashal Khan prove the threat is real. Would the money not better used for support in these countries with support from international agency to ensure local officials can't put pressure on them. Clearly there will be claims of Soros funded conspiracy, but you can't fool the masses for ever.

vikram solestealer

Dar ul islam & dar ul harab

vikram solestealer

Hindu idolatry is evil according to islam thatsy hindus must be killed…

vikram solestealer

Kafir hindu wajeb ul qatal

vikram solestealer

Gazwa e hind

vikram solestealer

What's wrong in that……Islam & gazwa e hind is reason hindus became slave of muslims for 1200 yrs…. more than 10 million hindus died in those 1200yrs… and thousands of hindu woman sold into muslim slave trade…And thousands of our temple and traditions are lost… And even pakistan and bangladesh formed out of ii

islam is deadly virus which make normal humans into jihadi barbarians and in war with the rest of non muslim world forever for all his/her next generations

vikram solestealer

I agreed islam is deadly virus which make normal humans into jihadi barbarians and in war with the rest of non muslim world forever for all his/her next generations

Hindu History

What beasts..
And that Mother..
I will kill her if i could..

Zia Rehman

Are you talking about Ahmed Essa ?
He has 4 brothers and 4 sisters, And he is making lots of YouTube . Claiming to be nabi Essa.