Secular Jihadists EP8: Silly Scripture


In this episode, the Secular Jihadists put the “fun” back in fundamentalism by digging into the treasure troves of comedy and absurdity that drive all Abrahamic religions––their “holy” books. We focus on the Quran and Hadith (because not many do!) but we don’t spare the Bible or Torah either. Whether you’re a believer or not, there’s plenty of learning and laughter to be derived from these ancient tomes that can provide a well-needed break from the depressing seriousness of their consequences that we see all around us today. Listen to our conversation.



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Confused Girl

Your podcasts and the atheist muslim book written by Ali Rizvi has honestly changed my life. I currently reside with my conservative Somali muslim family in California and I have been raised with salafi and shafi'ee interpretations of Islam for majority of my life. Your podcasts have completely changed my worldview. I'm not sure about leaving Islam ( mostly because of fear of "the day of judgement/grave" that I was taught to fear, lack of resources, and fear of disappointing my family who I love very much). What advice do you have for someone is on the fence and who… Read more »

Tickling the Ostriches

who is the new Saudi prince bin Salman: look at the analysis of Bombards Body Lanuage:

he has a tick a little like Claudius. and there is more:

Stop the Philosophical Zombies

I love you guys so much. I hope your podcasts and videos will continue to be translated and spread far and wide. Your good humor and excellent message of tolerance of people but not of stupid ideas is what we need right now.


So what about this contradiction? Get out.


Dany Dw

no wonder they left Islam, they don't even know the basics. Being a muslim and not knowing where 5 pillars came from? O_o


Christianity was very common in the empire before Constantine made it the state religion…


…too much nervous banter accomplishing nothing. Terrible podcast.


How do you know which wing?

Charlie Stanton

So the toilet devil is called a "shaeton"? As in, "everybody out of the way! I've been stuck in the car for 3 and a half hours and I'm dying for a shaeton!" Interesting. I swear, I've binged on this entire podcast all day and have definitely taken in a lot more than that, I've even made notes. It even feels like I've made 4 new friends. But … shaeton? Get outa town. I fear the regressive mind virus needs probably just as much attention as problems with Islam. A common argument seems to be something like, "the only people… Read more »

Yana Y.

Can you guys talk about how non-Muslim, non-immigrant people in the west can & should be responding to the Islamization of the West? I refuse to excuse, minimize, ignore or deny the bad ideas in Islam & it drives me crazy when people in the west do this. I feel quite a bit of contempt for the terrorism & the push for Islam going on in the US, Canada & Europe. I tend to mock on social media but I want to be respectful towards individuals and I don't want to become hateful, but I really struggle with those bringing… Read more »

Sati S

google jesus never existed

Abel Oroz

Even not being an ex-Muslim but an ex-Neocatechumenal Catholic, this has become my new favourite podcast 😀

You guys should talk some day about the origins of Islam. I was reading the Quran not long ago and I had no idea why it included the concept of Mosques and Muslims as if that was something existing prior to the Quran itself, and it is not easy to find unbiased info.

Good things

1:10 no homosexual in Arabic is مثلي. or. مثلي الجنس.


"I thought they were made of kebab" LMAO!!!!

Allied Atheist Alliance

Is it just me or did Mohammed have OCD? All this 'put your right foot in the house first' and pray 50 times a day seem like classic OCD symptoms.

Akhenaten ramses

very interesting show but i think seeing your faces would make it better