Secular Jihadists EP80: The Secular Saudi YouTuber


Watch the video version of this conversation (for patrons):

Habeeb is a Saudi ex-Muslim who left Islam in 2003. Currently living in the United Arab Emirates, Habeeb has been making some waves for his insightful and witty commentary on a range of issues from Middle East politics to secularism and free speech. In this episode, we focus on his home country, Saudi Arabia, the rise of its Crown Prince MBS, and much more. There is a lot to learn here from an insider’s perspective, so don’t miss this!



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Secular Jihadists

Who would you like Ali and Armin to have on as a guest?

The Dude

Muslims that have a ''victim complex'' you don't say


For the love of god or whatever, Armin, hold your mouth. You make these podcasts unbearable.

Renzo Nieland

Interesting conversation, very stimulating intellectually. I do have some points of criticism, though; or rather, some additional commentary. 1. Top-down modernisation has worked out in the past. Germany and Japan are probably the most infamous examples. In the late 1800's, the traditional aristocratic elites in these countries (the German Junkers and the Japanse Samurai) used their power and privilege to create a strong modern bureaucratic state, in order to stimulate industrial development, introduce a modern educational system and build up a strong military. All in order to compete with the Western imperial powers and to become imperialists themselves. While both… Read more »

Darko Leskovšek

At least he has healthy sense of humor about it. Good for him. I hope he stays in one piece for many years.

Waaris Rafiq

Why are so many ex-Muslim activists from a Shia background. We ex-Sunnis need to up our game


Maybe having the guy who still has to report to the Saudi government on to rant about how shitty the Saudi government is wasn't such a great idea.

If not because he basically has to shut up for that part, then at least for his safety.

Daniel Yerke

It's crazy that the U.S has plans to help Saudi Arabia produce weapons.

Dan D

Focusbreak Habeeb needs to make more videos!!! 😛