Secular Jihadists EP86: Women Who Leave Islam with Mimzy Vidz


Watch the video version of this conversation (for patrons):

We speak to the rising ex-Muslim YouTube star Mimzy Vidz (Marwa) about what it’s like to be a woman who leaves Islam, her personal journey from religion to reason, her activism for other ex-Muslims, the Rahaf Al-Qunun case, and why she chose to start making her fantastic videos. Check it out.



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Secular Jihadists

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Julia Gardner

Lookikhmg forward to that video you mentioned, Mimzy 🙂


This beautiful dove escaped the clutches of the black raven islam. She is now flying high… she is now feeling the wind of the seven oceans blow through her hair…. the ravens shroud of Islam had stopped her getting vitamin D from the suns rays… look at her glow… she now feels the warmth of the sun on her hair… she is free… free like God intended. Thank you for exposing the black raven slavery Islamic cult …suppressor of free thought , ambition and progression.


Not all residents of North America came over as immigrants.

Eric Moonwalk

women should leave islam

Abdul Raheem

Dnt support these ''''ex muslim'''' . They are all Ex Qadianis n they are supported by illuminati n the state of Israel. Well, thats what she said.

Ayan Aden

One is loser to leave islam but more 10 people accept islam every day alhamdu lillah for islam i,m proud to have islam thank yaa rabi keep me for islam

b Stephan

I am an ex-muslim we need to protect ex-muslims from extremist Muslims. We need to get rid of Islam. It's bad

curiosity probe

Loosing women means no growth of Islam. No production of children. No majority populations.

Dulce Amigo

I love Minzy's videos. They are very instructive. She's a very intelligent woman. I can't imagine she was once Muslim.

true sacha

mimzy is the bestttttttttttttttttttt


interview yasmeena ali

Zara Kay

The one thing you also need to know about Australia is, again you're right it's not entirely about Saudi, but their immigration system. It's very messed up, there are people in the detention centre for months and over years in Manus and Nauru. Granting Rahaf asylum, especially announcing it internationally would cause riots. And I'm not in support of what they did. But Australia needs to get their sh*t in order

Puppet Prophet tm

I like Mimzyvidz.
She is an incredibly brave woman.
I have read the hateful comments left by Muslims on her channel.
Pretty sad. She does not deserve them.

Muslims need to learn to accept criticism, accept satire, and grow out of the belief “ Islam” that is keeping them backward and hindering human progress.

Keep up the good work.

Casy Leer

Beautiful woman, Islam is a satanist lie, The Father in heaven doesn't DIE, Fool he smites the wicked in the end….

child of God

I meant nazies

child of God

The problem is that most Muslim were so brainwashed they become intolerant and violent against kaffir. Would you like to import slots of marines to your community? Dont be hapocrat


Add together the wisdom of Master Yoda and the tenacity of a bulldog and you get Armin. Holly shit! I almost feel sorry for the religions of the world. 😛

Tanja Van Kessel

Re muslims in the UK seeming more agressive than muslims in the US: couldn’t this be because their number in the UK is relatively much larger? We see that when their number increases, they tend to get more vocal and demand everyone respect their religious rights