Secular Jihadists EP9: The Palestinian Atheist: Lalo Dagach


Lalo explains how Palestinians who don’t fit the mold are considered fake Palestinians and schools us on the less talked about Christian Arab migration to South America. Listen to our conversation.



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David Hibbs

Why are so many so-called atheists Israeli bootlickers?


The background picture is really good. I liked the whole podcast too, this was my first time listening.


42:00, I'm Canadian and we really do assume that someone with the last name Smith is probably a WASP(White Anglo-Saxon Protestant). Basically someone of British-Protestant descent. You can tell a fair bit about at least part of someone's ancestry from their last name.

Obviously the part about people from the middle east being assumed Muslim is a bit oblivious, but to be fair if you went by demographics the vast majority of the middle east is Muslim so its not that unfair.

Gabriel H

"It is hardly religious at all. It is book of laws that were just written by "God"" This is a VERY accurate statement and I hadn't heard it from anyone else to be honest. I knew it but this just brought it to light. Quran isn't a book of spirituality and Arabs weren't/aren't spiritual at all!! The only reason you see "Religious" Muslims with spirituality mostly in Non-Arab countries (Persian speaking, Africa etc) is due to the influence of the natives usually manifested as Mysticism. The more I think about it, the more respect I have for Sufis. They were… Read more »


You arabs with your extreme hospitality and generosity will never understand the jewish business mind, as long as you do our bidding voluntarily you will never get that mossad money.


Atheists do love you.

Ismail Youssef

Its true that the non muslim arabs dont really have a problem with the jews. Its just the muslims, in particular the sunnis, are the problem. The lebanease people here in canada, who are majority christian, have been here for decades and generations and there have been no problems at all. But when the mass muslim immigration came to canada, there has been a huge culture clash. Same with other arabs, egyptians, syrians, and palisteninas. (im egyptian) that are not muslim, have been totally intergrated into society, its a religion problem, not a racial problem.


I have Lebanese family in Argentinia….my great-grandfather immigrated there in the 1930s. They were Muslim but converted to Christianity. My other Lebanese great-grandfather immigrated to America in 1913…never converted and my family is still religious Muslim. That's very interesting there seems to be better integration of Arabs in South America where as the Arabs in North America (at least the Muslim ones) still are very insular. Dearborn, MI is a great example.

kevin moseley

Love u guys love the podcast. Love that people are finally trying to teach US and Canadian societies that the world is 5 billion more times more complicated than school/government thinks it is and sometimes it's best if we shut our mouths and listen to people from another cultures experiences. Sorry the punctuation on this sucks. American schools am I right?

Koen van Amerongen

Is Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi for or against gender segregated bathrooms?

Jim King

I am not going to say this right but many Palestinians will never accept someone like Lalo as a real Palestinian because part of their identity is based upon the Nakba.   And he doesn't make that part of his identity. The Palestinians started seeing themselves as a people in about the 1920s but the Nakba is what really formed a solid identity for the Palestinians.   This disaster of Israel winning its independence and where a lot of Palestinian became refugees is a critical part of the Palestinian history.   The sense of victimhood and legitimate grievances is what makes them Palestinian. Now Israelis see… Read more »

Jim King

I have too much to say on this podcast.  Lalo makes a lot of good points and I am with him and support secularist on both sides.  The only solution is a two state solution.   There is no way Jews in Israel  are going to give up their state and be a minority in a state in the  middle east no matter how many good intentioned liberals want to push their one state agenda.  According to Clinton the major stumbling block with Arafat rejecting the Clinton parameters was that Arafat wanted to renegotiate on how many Palestinian refugees would have the right to enter Israel.   The old… Read more »

Allied Atheist Alliance

Just gonna spitball some thoughts after listening to this. First of all another great podcast, love all you guys, hope you get Lalo back soon, and also you guys go back to his podcast. On the term 'ex-Muslim', perhaps 'ex-Muslim atheist' is better, so as to distinguish yourselves from converts to christianity, buddhism, etc. On the subject of some kind of movement, you should all join my allied atheist alliance (it's a south park reference). Seriously though I am thinking of starting a protest group, like the EDL or Anonymous but against all forms of religious abuse, not just Islam/… Read more »

Beej Price

Yasmine, you mentioned a great name for the support group that will include everyone…counter-Dawah.

Rashid C

you guys mentioned why there's also no black gay/Asian American lib dissidents on ted talks. you should watch a bbc programme called Reggie Yates Extreme UK: Gay and Under Attack. gives a lot of perspective on why there's an ironic double standard arguably in society talking about homophobia/misogyny within minority comms.


You're all Zionist shills…just kidding

Huseyin Unsal

Great show guys =)

Follow the Damn Train CJ

I love Faisal Saeed's sense of humour. His sarcasm is best out all of you. I have a man-crush on him, no homo tho.

Jrock 007

First comment!