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Shula Lavy

OfEnough of the explanations of others that are not acceptable to you. or for the explanations you bring and do not accept by me. No father / brother / uncle / husband / stranger must set rules or laws for a woman. Even nature (even if it happens to its own father) gave him no authority and no ownership. If he lives in the society in which he lives, he has only the basic first and foremost obligation to prevent another man from manipulating or exerting pressure on her or from harassing her or from harassing her. And it is… Read more »

Brad stone

Weak minded people need religion. They need to b told,its like the prison system they r sheep and that's OK but the org. Of religion is the problem its called fanaticismi

Haxhe Haxhaj

You all are wellcome to study the Bible with Jehovas Witnesis to find the truth.
JW.ORG I am an ex muslim suni and now in the truth a JW

Freed From Evil

They need to throw out the idea that Muhammad was the perfect man. The Quran only upholds one perfect individual which is Jesus Christ. He is the ONLY individual ACCORDING TO THE QURAN who is said to be Sinless, Born of a virgin, Healed people, Created life (bird out of clay), Raised the dead and is Coming back again. Muhammad doesn't have these characteristics pointed out in the Quran. So then why do they hold him up as the perfect one? Also, Jesus is the only one in the Quran to defy death whether you believe the Christian version or… Read more »

Separatist Albertan

Western countries are not responsible to let us in, Immigration is a privilege not a right. So they have every right to ban immigration of any group of people at anytime they want.

Separatist Albertan

Armin is trying to convert Imam to atheism, Imam is trying to upgrade Islam from barbaric ideology to an spiritual path to transcend. And thats very brave on his behalf and thats what exactly Islam needs to survive and humanity needs to survive.

Separatist Albertan

Armin listen to lady and ask your question brother.lol

Chuck Fair

Thank all 5 of you for this discussion. May Imam Tawhidi be protected.


This tawhid guy is a non muslim himself how ironic

Dafydd ap Rhys

Are you a Religious Faith or a Political Movement? Your argument is that the extremists are in fact following the teachings that include Sharia Law Therefore by definition they are not defined as 'radical' within your religion for in your words they are conforming but it appears more the fact that you are going against what you see is wrong within your teachings and this places you in that context defined as being a 'radical'. Your definition of reform is that of earthly change in direct conflict with your prophet of God. Your arguments are welcomed by many including the… Read more »

Zo Lo

Tawhidi.. you are not Tawhidi, you are a Bastard Rafidhi (رافضي قذر)

Senada Hodzic



A bunch of confused individuals criticizing everybody and everyone and everything except themselves honestly toxic behaviors and toxic opinions like this ruin social systems societies families and Minds this is a trend going on in the last few years no wonder there are people like that individuals we are watching right now just a trend and Islam will continue regardless of hate preachers people who stand against it people who stand with it but distorting it it will continue to exist matter who says what


The Qur'an isn't corrupt your body mind and soul is corrupt . Your society may as well.


Shut your mouth you filthy pieces of dirt


Prophet Muhammad was known as THE TRUTHFUL AND THE TRUSTWORTHY. Even among his enemies. The Qur'an is pure


The prophets are not regular humans you twats . They did and understood things you can't ever replicate.


You naive idiots . No one from any religion is a completely follower of that religion. As long as you don't commit big sins and repent seek forgiveness continuously you may be forgiven . But that reform thing is pure shit. Especially since islam among all religions is the most rational.


Those who follow and think of tawhidi as a refreshing voice are pure ignorant foolish disbelieving retards


I hate tawhidi he's equally bad as so called ex Muslims


The reformers are trying to rewrite history … by expunging and denying all the wrong things about Mohammed and seeing everything through rose colored glasses and saying how future imams perverted Mohammed's message etc etc.. I don't know if 2 wrongs make a right … but then again, if we can't shut down the "real" primitive caveman islam, I'll take the sanitized fake modern islam any day.