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Secular Jihadists

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Edward Donnachie

Islam is so open to interpretation it is staggering that so many lead there life under it's facist doctrine. Every time i listen to Maajid i think he's too intelligent to believe in an imaginary man in the sky which brings me to the conclusion that he's an athiest in denial.

Stirgid Lanathiel

On the Arab Golden Age of science, philosophy and mathematics: I'm sorry, but that happened despite Islam. Not because of it. It would be as if future historians looked back at the information age and called it the accomplishment of Christianity. In fact, that is already happening with the Age of Enlightenment. Enlightenment philosophy was not a product of Christianity, but a product of deconversion from Christianity. I like Nawaz, I think he does important work, but I also think he sometimes loses track of the truth. 'Which is the literal reading; that there is no compulsion in Islam or… Read more »

Lily Strong

Islam is bad, the people however are subjective.


I signed the petition to get MN and AHA off the Poverty Centre's list of islamophobes.
Glad he won the his case!


If I had not had weird as F&%$ spiritual experiences I would probably be an atheist (or at least agnostic.)However, even then, I do not believe in organized religion. I think most of it is BS and should not be taken literally. Its value is usually metaphorical. Also, not all religions are equal in worth in my opinion.I came to believe that allot of what other people in spiritual circles are saying is probably true. We are all one, and probably something like pure consciousness. That being said, I can understand why people who have not had these spiritual experiences… Read more »


Love Maajid but when he says you should get your morality not from scripture, but from reason and Islam should be just spiritual, that is such an extreme dilution of how Islam is practiced today by 1.6 billion people around the world that it won't be accepted anywhere. Unless a theologian comes up with this "new Islam" he's trying to spread, there's not going to be significant change. I've listened to a lot of Maajid's debates and his radio show and fortunately or unfortunately he clearly says he's not a theologian. Well then he's missing a big part of what's… Read more »

Aster Berhane

There's no compulsion in religion, but one will be killed if they choose to stop believing.


love Maajid Nawaz. I wish him well with his NY venture. Good video guys. Sure have some complexities when attempting to reform Islam.

charlie charlie

So when Quran 4:24 says you can abuse slave girls who are married is it subject to an acceptable interpretation? The fact is the Quran and tafsir and the hadiths confirms that slaves were raped and Quran allows it.


Voyager 1 spacecraft from a distance of more than 4 billion miles captured the Earth. Look again at that dot. That's here. That's home. That's us. On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives. The aggregate of our joy and suffering, thousands of confident religions, ideologies, and economic doctrines, every hunter and forager, every hero and coward, every creator and destroyer of civilization, every king and peasant, every young couple in love, every mother and father, hopeful child, inventor and explorer, every teacher of morals,… Read more »

Rae Vandenberg

The best way to help ex Muslims is to end Muslim immigration into the west for the next 50 years to give Muslim reformers room to breathe free from Islamic retribution.

Talha Bin Hisaam

Maajid Nawaz is a perfect embodiment of abundant knowledge and scarce logic. -TBH


Every religion is based on ancient fictions, invented by humans. Religious people need to stop taking themselves so seriously.

Elas Mobranch

Maajid Nawaaz is the voice of reason in the Islamic world.

Sreekumar Chirukandoth

Not able to log in to maajidnawaaz.com...


Do you people honestly think that anyone in the right mind is going to believe that you are no longer Muslim? The facts are this: ANYONE who follows ANY religion is doubtful for a start! All religion is actually make believe. It was written by people who didn't even know where the sun went at night. When people don't have a clue about how they came about nor how the universe came to be they start to make things up. In the old times they would sit around a fire at night telling stories and looking up at the stars.… Read more »

candace lawrence

Judiaism is not an an ethnicity, it is a religion. There are Jews from cultures all over the word, of different races and ethnicities. There are black Hebrews in Africa. We are not a "people"–whatever that means–we belong to the same religion. In addition, the denomination "self-hating Jew" has a touch of the famous Jewish acerbity in it. Of course there are Jews who hate everything, including their heritage and other Jews–but usually what the term "self-hating Jew" means is a Jew who not only does to accept the tenets and customs of his/her religion, but flat-out dislikes them, and… Read more »

Tragic London

If you guys have left Islam why do you lot still insist in labelling yourself Muslim, be it ex Muslim??? You have left leave it in the past…

M.B.G. Music Production

This is bullshit!  There is no such thing as an ex muslim.  If you people had left the islamic faith, you would have been put to death. The fact that you are still breathing proves the fact that you are full of shit, and still muslims!

Bergr B

I am a Sunni-Sufi-Hanafi Muslim. But now days Sunni's are associated with Wahabbism and terrorism so I don't call myself Sunni anymore, just Hanafi Sufi. I am a disciple of the order of Naqshbandi/Chisty Sufi. Islam at it's core is peaceful despite what others tell you. Islam at it's core is mysticism. Worshiping your creator alone away from other people, your mind in the skies, your body is just a vessel, your spirit is what matters. Leaving your material body behind, worshiping the One God in your spirit form while remaining stationary in the astral plains where god's chosen spirits… Read more »

Emran Ali

I am a Sunni Muslim who supports people to leave Islam if they truly don't believe in it's teachings.. I would like to enter the discussion if I can without hostility. Firstly, one word that was missing from the discourse was 'context'. Apostasy laws came to address treachery. In early Islam, enemies would enter Islam just to enter the Muslim state affairs, and then leave Islam soon after and mock it. So this apostasy law was introduced. Different Muslim countries have extrapolated the law differently to modern times. Wife beating does not exist in Islam.. that verse came 1400 years… Read more »

Asshole 123

basically Islamic culture is anti Western culture it will never fit in the Western society

Sarah Michel

I applaud Maajid Nawaz, I think what he's doing is great to at least start a conversation about the role of Islam in a secular world. Him being an Islam apologist* is actually positive for the conversation, since it gives him a lot of credibility. He doesn't take easy ways out like many left-wing apologists tend to do, because he's actually well-versed in the topic of Islam and politics in the Middle East. He points all the contradictions in Islamic doctrine, and sorta proclaims a reform not unlike those made by Martin Luther and John Calvin in Christianity. If he… Read more »


Is this a reupload?

Earthling Carl

11:30 – Yes Armin!!!

Earthling Carl

8:20 – Haha, Maajid himself tries to change history by claiming he was recruiting "army officers" which by any definition would be called terrorists today, total fraud!

Earthling Carl

Maajid Nawaz was a former terrorist recruiter. He should still be locked up in the Egyptian jail.

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