Secular Jihadists: Malaysian Atheists Under Attack


Link to tweet:
Let Philip DeFranco know atheists are being hunted down in Malaysia by retweeting this and ask him to cover it on his show.



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Pale Moon

lol, when it comes to islam, asking the left for a help is like asking a wall to response.

The Bullshooter

Less "fuck" and "motherfucker" would be appreciated..I personally do not care about swear words, they are just words, not magic. But, when overused to this extent it takes away from the message. It becomes harder to view the speaker as a well reflected, intelligent individual and take them seriously. Also, the audience you really want to reach, are more likely to recoil because of this.I understand the rage, but keeping calm and assertive always gets the message across better. (As two out of three people in this video are doing. Great job.)Other than that, keep going strong. You are doing… Read more »

Kinana Al Rabi

Bill maher should get this news!

Kinana Al Rabi

The moderate muslim malay are hunting down the atheists in malaysia? Apa.. SO MODERATE!

Nath Anter

I just wanna say…i love you all.. i support you all the way…. islam is a cancer and religions need to have a wake uo call that they are not immune to facts and criticism


I am from Malaysia.
There's no problem if non Muslims want to be atheists in Malaysia. Only the Muslims are not allowed to renounce Islam. In other words, it's against the Law for Muslims to convert to other religion or become atheists while non Muslims are free to choose any religion.

Chan Wangtak

Only foreigners like you ever believed that my country practices moderate Islam. We have been living under DHIMMI-like laws since the 1970's while they put on a show to the world and united nations that they are 'democratic". Our corporate businesses had to GIVE 30% ownership to their kind without them putting in any cash for the shares, and we are literally pushed to the sidelanes as we see them reject our greetings, see them bar us from building worship places, have our worship places destroyed under a myriad of excuses as soon as they find it convenient to do… Read more »


please share the link the the story in your video description…

Jasz Santai

religious are tools to controlling the majority of malay is Muslim so of course the government will act in favor of the majority to secure the votes.everybody should know the consequences.Revolution has a price and we should have a plan for it and the smartest way as possible.An atheist is from smart people as they can come out from the cage and should act intelligently.If they make a group and try to confront with the religious group they will become the same as the religions itself


I think the most modern and moderate Muslim-majority nation is Azerbaijan NOT Malaysia or Indonesia.


I live in South East Asia and I can tell you that Malaysia is NOT, I repeat, NOT a moderate (whatever that means?) Muslim-majority country. Maybe 30-40 years ago the Muslims in Malaysia were moer TOLERANT. In Indonesia, I believe being Atheist is a crime because of the policy they have called 'Pancasila'. ALL Indonesians are support to believe in one of the 5 recognised religions – Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism, Hinduism and Buddhisim. Malaysia does not have this political policy.

Khair Owen Sullivan 2

Whoever who thinks malaysia is a "secular liberal progressive" muslim country, you have been tricked by a stereotype perception of Malaysia. Just like Armin say, islam is shit. The so called moderate islam is bullshit. It doesn't fucking exist. Good muslim people exist, but not for being a muslim, just for being fucking human. In Malaysia, sharia law isn't a thing yet, but it's used whenever the topic islam is mentioned. For fuck sake, there's Sharia Court in malaysia. Gays are jailed and fined. fuck islam
#ProudExMuslim #ProudAtheist

Andre Voyt

Good work guys, I am sure there are thousands if not millions of atheists in Muslim majority countries . They need to hear your podcast even if they will not come out now out of fear of social and political persecution. . Future belongs to reason, not to a shitty Allahism or mormonism or any other superstition.

Jade Palto

Islam like mafia if you leave it u dead.

Bharath Dev

trying to gain the support of pious muslims by targeting free thinkers. it's just dirty politics


How horrible that death threats have been issued against you, Armin……Why is it so difficult for 'believers' , 'non-believers' and so-called 'converts' to see that their religion is un-reformable? I can't blame you for swearing…'s like hitting your head against a brick wall……. (not the wailing wall, I hope…..).


This Armin Navabi chap is a scream!!! I can feel the incredulous frustration in him and the despair in the absurdity of religious nonsense. Saying out loud what I think in my head when I hear about what some beardy old theocrat has decreed in some far away place.

All this religious violence is a product of TOO MUCH respect for religion.


This is more than just muslim vs atheist, this is a diversion from the issue at hand in Malaysia :
1) 1MDB scandal (and how taxpayers money are involved)
2) Incoming general election where race/religion issues will surface as a form of vote coercion. Every time. After the election, it will be "Malaysia truly asia" all over again.

It's all mostly a monkey show but it is also true that Islamic fundamentalism is on the gradual rise. 🙁

Renegade Mannequin

0:42 Wait, is Yasmine actually christian?

Rob Harwood

Horrible to hear this. I hope these people find safety somehow.


Yes but the real Victims are the Muslims, sorry slipped into Muslim Brotherhood mode.

 "If they [Muslims] had gotten rid of the punishment [often death] for apostasy, Islam would not exist today." Yusuf al-Qaradawi Muslim Brotherhood

Respect to all the Malaysian Atheists from the UK, great Country and People spoiled only by Islam.

Daniel Schaeffer

Reza Aslan is useless. The man is a compulsive liar, and he's in it for the cash. Try Asra Nomani or Irshad Manji.


We need more people to know how fucked up my country really is.

Mosab Sasi

Apparently "moderate" is a relative term. It doesn't bode well for Islam if this is most "moderate" it can get.