Secular Jihadists: Quranic Criticism: Shattering the Myth of Inerrancy


Most people would agree that the best way to evaluate any historical document is dispassionately, with reasoned analysis, free of dogma and sentimental or personal bias. However, this perfectly standard academic exercise becomes an outrage when applied to the Quran, which is believed by its adherents to be the divinely revealed word of the creator of the universe. This is probably why Quranic criticism is the single most effective way to arrive at the truth about the history of this religion, its prophet, Muhammad, and the claims and myths that have swayed countless people into its fold for almost 1400 years. Don’t miss this.



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Stephen Connolly

Oh dear, these jokers didn't do their due diligence, the massacre of the 400 Jews (or was it 800? Who knows because of variant reports on the matter) is a myth and the subject of a peer reviewed article in the Islamabad Law Review vol 1, number 2, April-June 2016 by Muhammad Munir who also cited W N Arafat's earlier publication on the subject in the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland, no. 2 (1976), 100-107. Apparently, the Jewish tribe concerned were expelled and then made up this story to badmouth the Muslims and Islam.… Read more »

Stephen Connolly

Imam Malik produced his Muwatta in his lifetime (93-179 AH). In it he recorded both a primitive form of Hadith as well as Fiqh. He observed the people of Madinah, recording the jurisprudence (Fiqh) used in daily life to judge between them as well as guiding and regulating their affairs. The argument that the Hadith is essentially forgotten because it originated over 200 years after Muhammad is nonsense as the Muwatta shows a community following the rules and traditions of Islam based on the Prophet's practice since the days when he lived among them. It is not therefore reasonable to… Read more »

Stephen Connolly

The arguments presented in this video have NO scholarly backing. Both presenters are ignorant and rely on straw man arguments. They constantly say there is this and that evidence without providing any citations to what studies they are referring to. They are talking only to themselves without bothering to discuss with their protagonists. A sure sign of a closed shop mentality.

Stephen Connolly

You former Muslims perform the same silly mistake the missionaries and evangelical Christians make by stating that the first Qur'an was eaten by a goat or there are missing Ayat and even whole Surahs or the Sana'a edition is different from the Uthmani canonical text without acknowledging in the first place al-Qur'an means RECITATION and that it was being and has been recited continuously by the Muslim community en mass for the past 14 centuries, particularly during their 5 obligatory as well as numerous superogatory daily prayers and throughout Ramadan in the extended Tarawih Salah. Thus there is no way… Read more »

Ex Sunni

Muhammad never existed. Qur'an is a Christian lectionary. Islam is non trinitarian christianity.

The doctrina iacobi (634 CE) mention of "muhammad" is not unambiguous. And it was in eschatological terms written by Christian theologians, not government officials.

Look deeper into it Ali Rizvi. I told you before… take three days of your time and read these two anthologies edited by Karl Heinz Ohlig… 1. The Hidden Origins Of Islam and 2. Early Islam.

No documents should be taken at face value. Keep this in mind… putative knowledge… this term plays a major part in transmitting ancient documents.

Kalo Arepo

Long before the Enlightenment and even before the Reformation there was an extremely strong tradition of textual criticism by Catholics themselves -this is because of the extremely long running conflict between the temporal claims of the papacy and those who opposed these temporal claims.There was a forged document called "The Donation of Constantine" that some of the popes put forward to claim that the emperor Constantine had actually handed temporal control of large parts of Italy to the papacy in perpetuity-the Italian Renaissance scholar Lorenzo Valla ,by using linguistic and textual analysis was able to prove that the document was… Read more »

Arsalan Ahmad

speaking shit, I don't see any logic, just a biased talk aimed at criticizing Islam in any way. no talking ethics?

Arsalan Ahmad

why Jews are funding atheists republic?

Arsalan Ahmad

muslims define Islam as encompassing all the religions and prophets before prophet Muhammad and Islam emerging as a result of all prophets teaching monotheism, how will you tackle this?