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Daryl Christensen

Helpful this is.

Andy Buchan

otheraberdeen . blogspot . co.uk /20 10/11/ oakbank – school . html youtu .
be / J0uU6IE kPNo

National Secular Society

Andrew and David – QualiaSoup is clearly credited at 2:46; and he kindly
produced this series of videos for us.

Andrew Skegg

At least give the original author credit. watch?v=dA3YF73SNuY

David Loewen

Thumbs down for not only not giving credit to QualiaSoup, but for removing
his username from the video altogether. Bad form, SecularismOrgUK, bad
form. >:-(


What is a non-religious theist? Religion is defined as “belief in, worship
of, or obedience to a supernatural power or powers considered to be divine
or to have control of human destiny”. Isn’t theism a belief in a diety, and
thus a belief in a divine supernatural power (religion)?


This is my view completely


A non religious theist is someone who believes in a god, but has no
religious affiliation. Religion has a number of definitions, but usually
there is involved in it, a set of beliefs, principals, and world views. A
person can still believe in a god without subscribing to any of these.

RT @holesinthefoam: Defining #Secularism… – VIDEO – http://t.co/BelpqTAJX5 #Atheism #ChurchAndState http://t.co/ZsLrZp0fiN

@NatSecSoc You do NOT get an extra share for your imaginary friend! Teaching crucifixion is CHILD ABUSE +theological crap!

@NatSecSoc @NewHumanist @GOVUk @Number10gov No help to our problems up in the sky. All the answers are down here on earth!

RT @holesinthefoam: Defining #Secularism. – VIDEO – http://t.co/Z92WfcZQOM Great video to understand why we must separate church and state!

RT @holesinthefoam: Defining #Secularism… – VIDEO – http://t.co/BelpqTAJX5 #Atheism #ChurchAndState http://t.co/ZsLrZp0fiN

RT @holesinthefoam: Defining #Secularism… – VIDEO – http://t.co/BelpqTAJX5 #Atheism #ChurchAndState http://t.co/ZsLrZp0fiN

“: Defining #Secularism… – VIDEO – http://t.co/FB7l6Khwd1 #Atheism #ChurchAndState http://t.co/CXJj0f5Lr5”