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Dean Stroud: Search for meaning leads to Christ – La Crosse Tribune

La Crosse TribuneDean Stroud: Search for meaning leads to ChristLa Crosse TribuneThe couple led a deeply spiritual life of prayer, worship, reading and writing in the service of Christ, whose light had penetrated the darkness of secularism. Thereafter Jacques devoted his life to offering a “reasonable defense … Father Robert …

‘Charlie Hebdo’ Attack Sparks Free Speech Debates in China (Voice Of America)

The attacks on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo have inspired mass demonstrations in support of free speech around the world, as well as smaller rallies condemning the cartoons that some Muslims find blasphemous. In Communist China, where the officially atheist government imposes heavy restrictions on speech, the demonstrations have led to a different reaction. Charlie Hebdo has now printed more than seven million copies of its first edition since gunmen killed eight members of…

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Atheist Experience #839: Viewer Calls

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