Seems like there’s a new outbreak every other day now, even in sparsely-populated podunk states like Idaho…


Idaho Could be the Next Measles Outbreak

Since Jan. 1, 63 people in Washington state have come down with the measles. So far, the cases have been largely contained to one Washington county.

But across the border in Idaho, officials are nervously watching the outbreak and response closely. A handful of Idaho epidemiologists and nurses are currently in Washington assisting with their control efforts, and the Idaho health districts are receiving daily reports on the situation.

Measles is a particular concern for Idaho, home to eight of the 10 counties in the country with the highest rates of non-medical vaccine exemptions. Although rates of measles vaccinations have remained steady across the country for the past decade, the counties and towns with clusters of unvaccinated children are vulnerable to outbreaks of diseases like measles.

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