Separation of Church and Schools


Chino Valley school board denies violating church-and-state separation – Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

Chino Valley school board denies violating church-and-state separationInland Valley Daily Bulletin“The meetings resemble a church service more than a school board meeting, complete with Bible readings by the Board members, Bible quotations by Board members, and other statements by Board members promoting the Christian religion,” the complaint …and more »

After living without God for a year, former pastor no longer believes (Salt Lake Tribune)

Ryan Bell — the former Seventh-day Adventist pastor who spent 2014 living as an atheist — is ready for his big reveal. After chronicling the past 12 months on his blog Year Without God, Bell — who now works as director of community engagement at People Assisting the Homeless in Southern California — announced in an interview with NPR that he no longer believes in God. Bell talked with Religion News Service about his decision and what it will mean to him and his loved ones. Some answers have been…

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