Seriously, it’s so batshit, you couldn’t possibly make it up… – VIDEO


Watch Michelle Duggar accept ‘Mother of the Year’ award from pastor who resigned for adultery

At the same time that Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar were covering up the fact that their eldest son Josh was molesting young girls — including his sisters — the mother of 19 was traveling around the country accepting awards for being “Mother of the Year.”

One of the awards she received was from a pastor who later left his ministry after admitting to adultery.

In a 2004 profile on CBS, entitled “What a Mother!” Michelle Duggar is quoted as saying, “We actually didn’t set out to have a large number of children. I don’t think that was our intention when we were first married. But I think we realized children are a gift.”

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  1. She talks like she has a low IQ… I guess 19 kids would do that to a woman’s brain eh! I just think it’s so wrong to dump that many kids into the world and how could she ignore that her eldest son was molesting his sisters. she is something else of the year!

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