Seth Andrews joins us to talk about purity tests rampant on the left.


What are your views on the claim that social-justice warriors are undermining the credibility of progressive politics?
We talk to Seth Andrews to discuss the left’s obsession with purity.

Seth Andrews is a broadcaster, storyteller, author, activist, and public speaker best known as the host of the popular website, podcast, and online community, The Thinking Atheist.

Originally the product of Christian fundamentalism, today Seth is an advocate, not for religion, but for people, and while he – as a storyteller – loves the distraction of supernatural fiction, he ultimately encourages everyone to root their pursuit of the truth in reason and evidence, and to pursue a Personal Relationship With Reality.

Seth lives in Oklahoma with his wife Natalie and his unofficial mascots, Rat Dog, Henry, and Kat. He enjoys movies, sushi (no tentacles), tennis, referencing “Hitchhiker’s Guide,” casual gaming, 80s music, piano by ear, and constantly flipping his pillow to the cool side.



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Atheist Republic

What topics do you suggest we cover next?

alan langworthy

Great discussion guys!

Corey Mondello

Purity test? “Privileged White Men” still run most the world, so of course they should be part of the discussion. They just shouldn’t be the ones with the loudest voices, and should step aside when needed!

Shannon Ogden

I can say for a fact as a white woman, 9/10 guys understand the statistics on what true humanitarians want and want to help people. It's always that 10% of the 100% that scream the loudest. I left the Baptist Church because of it's double standards.


There was a strong form to that argument (against Seth's post on the hijab, which said essentially that the hijab is a symbol of oppression and we should not celebrate it). It went basically like this:-a symbol is inherently subjective. Ask a Jain or a Japanese person what a swastika represents. And that's a difference in meaning at the level of entire cultures. You can bring it down all the way to the individual. There's no objectivity in symbolism. So, when you declare that "the hijab is a symbol of oppression", either you're just saying that's what it is to… Read more »

Karen Abrams

I love what I’m hearing. Yes. Humanist sounds like a great direction. Maybe I can move on from this negative state I’ve been in since 2010. I lost faith and quit faking it, moved away from the religious area I was raised in and have started over but I haven’t recovered my happiness to be alive. It’s more like chore with little breaks or brief periods of myself enjoying life. Being outside everyone’s stupid clubs is indeed hurtful, alienating, isolating. Been very annoyed with people. Isolating on purpose. Happy I found this group. Listening to this is the best ear… Read more »


22:25 Seth: "If I do respond, quite frankly, I like to use humor, which appears to drive them … bat … shit … crazy. It's AWESOME."
The "It's AWESOME." just tickled me to the core. Ring tone!

Mooose Gal

YT never notified when this went live. WTF?