Seth Andrews: YouTube Atheism is (NOT) Dead!


Is YouTube atheism dead? Not remotely. Join Seth Andrews as he connects with six rising YouTube activists who are not only injecting fresh blood into the conversations out there, but who are committed to fostering dialogue, compassion, community, and humanity.

Genetically Modified Skeptic
Telltale Atheist
Holy Koolaid
Shannon Q.
Talk Heathen
Mr. Atheist

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Uhg. The atheist subhumans are back on YouTube?? Just when I thought this place was fun again, this lesser beings plague the internet again.

Gonzalo Echeverria

Oh and Destiny. He’s become a very influential atheist I think especially among gamers


Its roaring like a lion lolz

Kevin Bergman

Shout out to Hugo and Jake, still doin' it.

craig lee

Many good Atheist You Tube channels and some not so good. I see many have only the platform of "I used to be a christian" or I used to be insert religion and all the y do is shit on their ex-religion but some have more foundation and help others. I have seen Atheist encourage trolling by calling peoples business phone on a LIVE stream NOT COOL and CHILDISH. I also see kind well rounded Atheist doing a awesome job spreading the truth not being ugly or acting superior .They have channels that really have wide appeal because of all… Read more »

Kevin Bergman

So it is surely alive?


Sorry to be that guy, but YouTube Atheism is certainly a dead genre of video. You can only make the same arguments and debunk the same bullshit for so long before you contemplate voting for Trump just for the hell of it.

Devon Broughton

I’m up Next

P. A. Andrews

Thank you guys that was a great show I really liked it! I'll be wishing all of you much luck thanks again.

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If you judge the effectiveness of an organization by it's opponents, then yes, YouTube Atheism is dead. It won 5-6 years ago and currently has no challengers of merit.

jane pusecker

I'm not anti-religious but am anti-radical and anti-extremist.

Genetically Modified Skeptic

Thanks again for having us! I know all of us have been inspired by your work and being able to be a part of it is an honor.

Gonzalo Echeverria

Well I think the atheist movement took a blow when Christopher hitchens died. Bc I started watching Dawkins and his debates then hitchens. And hitchens was from a different universe. But when he died I feel like the atheist movement lost its greatest fighter


That's what happens when you let intersectional identitity politics co-opt your movement (atheism +). They gave up christianity for the religioun of feminism, and now the theists are claiming that the previous culture war against their own regressive bullshit never happened.

Shannon Q

This was a pleasure! Thanks so much for having us all on.

Gøran Greggor

I don't really care much about the old vs new guard, nor do I believe in just one approach to atheist activism. Yes, many religious people are victims of indoctrination, but there's also many of them who are stupid jerks and they deserve to be mocked. Mockery is actually what got me out of religion. That said, I really love all of the channels introduced here and I especially love their progressivism. Too many atheists on YouTube have gone the way of the right wing anti-sjw bs. The ones who have not and who I adore to this day are:… Read more »

Shannon Grover

1:10:56 The flounce! That's what we call it on facebook groups. People give their Epic FLOUNCES so everyone knows.