Seth Meyers: Democrats Call on Ralph Northam to Resign After Racist Photo Surfaces


Seth takes a closer look at every major Democrat in the country calling on the governor of Virginia to resign after a racist photo surfaced from his medical school yearbook.

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Ronny Shama

That statue of the bearded guy on the golden horse looks like robot chicken animation

Flyer Don

He should just switch parties and become a republican.


Why don't these southern states just place those statues in a museum? Oh? No one would pay to see them? Well, how about distributing them amongst the various museums in the South?


That was normal then. So why dig deeper anymore? If that photo was taken a few years ago, I would agree that it would be wrong.

Beruset Visånd

6:11 -Now that's the face of woman watching her husband's career engulf in flames!


Bedfort Forest, is that who Forest Gump is named after?

Darlene Shriver

Trump is still president, King is still serving in Congress. Everyone never made mistakes what a perfect world we would have! I believe it was a horrible picture, but I also believe that we change as we grow older, at least most people, Trump is an exception. I know I am not the same person I was in my twenties I have grown and learned from past mistakes, and do believe I am a better person. I believe he should be given a chance, I ask this….what have been his actions since? Is he a member of KKK? Or any… Read more »

m jagusch

A little context on the one terrifying gold and silver confederate statute, It is owned by an individual and held on his private property, not justifying the statue, just saying that it's the statues on public property that should be the focus here.


Black people painting their face is funny… white guy going brown funny.
But white guy pretending to be black, run run run run run!!!


Jesus, it's Kavanaugh 'scandal' all over again. Opponents of a guy pull up something impure or potentially evil from their history and try to use it to force them to resign or to delegitimize a person. People change. I'll just say this: history is definitely important, but if America, the government figures especially, could focus on the present instead of trying to dredge up past impurities, Trump would not be in office right now.

greg magrath

Seriously Seth, why do you think Auschwitz has been keep????. To show people how despicable we can be towards each other and to teach us this should never happen again. Exactly the same reason the monuments of the South should stay, so as to remind people how not to be towards each other…

G 30

I didn't do that black face but I did the other one and I would moonwalk but my wife says inappropriate circumstances.

Omoney Scarface

Jeez this is a little too tough

the hananimal

The Nathan Bedford Forest statue is in my hometown! The city has been trying to get it taken down for years, but it’s on private property, even though it’s right next to the I-65. In a shocking turn of events, someone broke in and spray painted the statue bubblegum pink, & they can’t get it off. So now everyday I drive past a bubblegum pink statue of NBF and all the confederate flags.


Umm…I got nothing.

Karina Flower

We all wanted to see him moonwalk


What's next? The GOP/Kremlin will find dirt on every single Democrat and force them to resign because "the Dems go high." They brought this up conveniently when Northam was making abortion more accessible. Don't you think there is a coincidence? Before they force another Dem out, the active racists today like Trump and King, who call Africa a shithole and support nazis, should go first. But those assholes are in the GOP and won't go down because they protect each other. Meanwhile Dems will force out a man who has fought against racism in his political life over a 35yo… Read more »

Soul Shaman

Whoever cares about this is racist.


Could be a joke … people need to chill…


When was there a Closer Look that wasn't about Trump, i mean don't get me wrong i love a good Trump Closer Look but an entire episode without Trump being the focus? WTF is going on?


The takeaway: Virginia is a writeoff

Miz Rix

I’m calling BS. Why would you black face to imitate Michael Jackson?