Jaclyn Glenn – Sexist Atheists?… – VIDEO


Sexist Atheist Comments. Just want to give you all an idea of how certain people within our community act. If you see it, say something. Encourage more women…

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  1. Jaclyn,

    Let’s face some basic facts. You are an attractive woman. Sure, there are
    *some* people who disagree but I would bet that more men than not find you
    “fuckable”. Now, I do believe that you get a lot of *initial* hits due to
    your appearance. I will go as far as to say that some subscribe or
    continue to watch you based on this fact alone. Yet, I think that most
    subscribers or viewers watch because of what you have to say and this the
    reason people come back for more.

    As far as the hate mail, well, you are a Youtube celebrity and every
    celebrity in every medium has to deal with it. It takes a certain type of
    person who is willing to put themselves in the public eye and then be able
    to withstand scrutiny.

    Keep doing what feels right, take all praise and criticism in stride, voice
    your opinions as you see fit and hopefully the rest will just take care of
    itself so to speak.

    Oh, and kneel before Zod (yes, the innuendo is clearly implied here).

  2. So basically, you just realised that associating yourself only with a
    *group*, instead of being an *individual* and then judging each person also
    as an *individual*, no matter who they are or what they associate
    themselves with, was a dumb and irrational way to live your life? I really
    hope you now ammend your behaviour to suit this new revelation.

  3. The level of sexism in the atheist community is just appalling, one of the
    reasons I haven’t had the drive to make new videos after making them weekly
    from 2009-13. I just stopped giving a crap cause if these are the people
    I’m aiming my vids at, there is no point, Youtube just seems to have in the
    past year to be filled up with complete assholes instead of the deep
    thinkers I used engage with on this site, its become nearly worse than

  4. It’s pathetic that atheist spend more time fighting with each other then
    with theist. They argue with me all the time, and I don’t even have any
    videos! Unfortunately, like christians, if you don’t fit into atheists
    extremely detailed ideas of what atheism is then they feel the need to bash
    and criticize you relentlessly. People like this are missing the point of
    atheism all together. They’re turning it into a religion with their
    tribalistic behavior.

  5. Hope you get some much needed attention and pounce hugs from your four
    comments but really, the idea of declaring a fatwa because a handful of
    people said dumb/unpleasant/disagreeable things in comments has been done
    to death and was never much more than a gimmick in the first place. 

  6. They are not necessarily sexist.
    Sexism is the ideology that men and women can be treated differently based
    on their gender.
    They are just poorly educated fuckwits with no common decency.

  7. There are hateful, lowlife scum in every group, makes up most of the human
    population. Whether that group believes in magic or not has no effect.

  8. Y’know… I have to wonder what you’ll be thinking when you’re 50. Will you
    really think about the sexual attention in the same way.

    One of my personal heroes is a woman called Nancy Wake. She fought with the
    resistance during the 2nd world war. As a woman in a mans world, in a time
    of severe crisis, she chose not to indulge the sexual advances of her male
    counterparts. Later in life she expressed regret that she had not done so.
    I was having dinner the other night and one of my guests, a woman in her
    60’s lamented the fact that men don’t cat call at women any more. Did any
    of the other women there challenge her or get indignant? No didn’t bat an

    Women who are older don’t seem to mind the boyish machinations of men. Why
    is that?

    … And isn’t this what you’re talking about, school boy antics. Adults are
    nuanced and full of the experiential knowledge of life, knowledge that
    evolves the longer you remain on this planet. Knowledge that puts things
    into perspective.

    So years from now when this moment has passed and the attention faded, will
    you likewise sit around a dinner table and lament that men no longer cat
    call at women?

  9. Thank you for doing this!! Atheists may have theism figured out for being
    absolute garbage, but that only gets a single clap out of me for that. The
    atheist community really does have members that are sexist, racist,
    illogical buttholes. For the most part it’s better than the other side of
    the fence, but can be really disappointing to see despite it’s lesser

  10. I wouldn’t assume that people commenting on any ‘atheist page’ are
    necessarily atheists _.

  11. Haters are gonna hate (excuse the cliche). The secular movement needs much
    less of this “He-Man-Woman-Hater” mentality running so rampant, and being
    enabled so much (I’m an anarchist, and that movement actually has a lot of
    it, too [hence Facebook pages like “Shit Manarchists Say”]).

  12. Jaclyn, its a hard world out there but I think you can handle it. Go to TYT
    and see what Ana Kasparian has to put up with in the comments on their
    show. Love your show. Keep up the good work.

  13. I am sexist for exactly the same reason I lack belief in the gods: I was
    born that way. If you object to sexism, take it up with the laws of

  14. I subscribed and watch these videos not because of attractiveness but
    because of their content however I would rather masterbate to you then
    hanaminx videos.(He said in the most non insulting, sexist, or offending
    way possible.

  15. Jac, the reason men aren’t accused of sleeping their way to the top is
    because we can’t. Women can, and are thus accused of it.
    Not saying you did, I believe you’re pretty smart, but there’s no denying
    you’re pretty as fuck, and that may give you certain advantages, even if
    you’re not aware that it happens.
    I see myself as an anti-feminist, and just the other day I find myself
    nervous around a pretty girl, realizing that I want her approval only
    because she’s pretty, and even though I tried not to, I hand-combed my hair
    more often, sucked in my belly, tried to walk more upright…
    Point is: guys sometimes try to help girls be successful because we’re
    attracted to them, and our personal philosophies and beliefs do little to
    hinder that. You’re a pretty good youtube atheist, but you’re not THE best,
    and that COULD mean your status has been elevated because people want to do
    favors for pretty girls.
    Again, not accusing you of anything here, and I think you’re smart enough
    to make it on your own, I’m just explaining why some people might think
    this of you. It’s a stupid thing to think, but there are reasons for doing
    so at times.

  16. Don’t let them get you down Jackie. I think you’re gorgeous but I don’t
    hold that against you. You’ve got important things to say and I love your
    attitude most of all. Be happy, stay positive. 

  17. I can assure everyone I have never slept with you. I sponsor you because
    you are fucking awesome. Keep up the great work JG. It is important to call
    these people out and make an example out of them.

  18. People tell you that you should do porn? I think they’re on the wrong
    website. If they want to watch porn, they should find it elsewhere. You are
    very beautiful (for anybody amusing that I’m flirting, I’m not. I’m going
    to make a point) but that doesn’t mean you need to do sexual things. I know
    I wouldn’t feel very comfortable in your position. The men that assume
    every pretty girl should do porn are just perverted freaks. If you want to
    debate me, feel free to. I’m always up for a stupid argument.

  19. As a female who is also an atheist, I would have to say that I have also
    experienced sexism from more atheists than Christians. I generally hear
    the statement by atheists that men and women are biologically different
    used as an excuse to justify women’s role in relation to men. I admire
    your intellectual and moral courage, but I would say that you shouldn’t let
    these sexists control you and dictate what terms you should associate
    yourself with. The mislabeling of feminists as “feminazis” is just another
    way to oppress women. 

  20. First I must say that I don’t watch your videos because you’re hot. I watch
    them because I find them entertaining and in a world where I feel
    surrounded by theists It’s nice to hear from like mined people so I feel
    less alone.

    That said, as far as who’s the sexoest atheist, I confess I’m a bit torn.
    It’s a toss-up between you and Sarah Silverman. I’d marry either one of
    you. Or both if we convert to mormonism. Lol ;-)

  21. The only problem I have with Jaclyn isn’t the fact that she is female, its
    the fact that she sees atheism a sort of club to the point where it seems
    like a cult/religion itself. 

  22. Yes! Give more food to the trolls! They are very hungry!
    They feed on your reaction and making a video just for them is a feast.
    I’m not a troll btw, that’s just exactly what she’s doing. What was she
    hoping to accomplish with this video anyway?

  23. Fuck them Jaclyn. =D Mind over matter. You don’t mind and they don’t
    matter! The internet brings out the absolute ugliest of human nature. Not
    sure why. A lot of these people would never say things like they said to
    someone in person so remember that. Love you!

  24. Thank you for pointing this out. This has bothered me for some time now.
    You put it so plainly it’s very hard to not see your point.

  25. Hate me if you want, because I know I’m not too proud of this, but… every
    time YT recommends you, I watch it because of the thumbnail. You’re
    attractive, the title usually suggests we have something important in
    common, and I’m a straight male. I think it’s dishonest of you to think
    your looks have nothing to do with it, considering you obviously put some
    effort into looking good and your thumbnails take some effort to create
    some titillating reason to give a view. I won’t say its the only reason
    anyone watches you, but if you think it’s not contributing to your view
    count you’re lying to yourself. Those insane comments aren’t coming out of
    thin air.

    All that being said, I’ve never managed to sit through an entire video.
    Not even this one, clocking in under 5 minutes. This one is just because I
    don’t have much patience to listen to people gripe. Most of the time I end
    up being reminded why I don’t finish atheist videos (and why I wish YT
    would stop recommending them although I understand why it does since I keep
    getting roped into clicking on them). The reason is… much like how I
    dislike Christian music because it ALL is about the exact same two or three
    things, all atheist videos are about tired arguments I’ve had myself too
    many times to count. If I wasn’t tired of those arguments, I’d be actively
    involved in them myself rather than watching a video. Inevitably I just
    feel like I came to see a pretty girl say something smart and got … well,
    exactly what I came for (and overestimated how much I wanted to see it).

    I’m sorry. I’m not trying to be obnoxious. I’m sure you’ve said some
    brilliant things I might not have had the patience to see. I know you
    think of what you do as humor and I haven’t really got that from it myself,
    but perhaps I’ve got a lousy sense of humor. You’re a bright person and
    you’re right to be upset at people who want to reduce your essence to vapid
    misogynistic fantasycraft, particularly because you’re clearly more than
    that without even trying.

    The internet is a shitty place sometimes.

  26. Hmm, keep calm and use logic, huh? All right, I’m going to call you out on
    something, Ms. Glenn.

    feminism (n.) – the ethical position that all genders should have equal
    rights and status
    feminist (n.) – someone who subscribes to the ethical imperative of feminism

    “I’m not trying to be a feminist…”

    So, you don’t subscribe to the ethical position that all genders should
    have equal rights and status? I think you do. I think you just are smart
    enough to realize that “feminist” is a naughty word in the YouTube atheist
    community because, unfortunately, a lot of YouTube atheists are fucking
    idiots who can’t pick up a dictionary and watch too many ignorant diatribes
    by people like Thunderf00t and TAA. I can’t speak for you, but unless you
    don’t actually believe in gender egalitarianism then clearly you are a
    feminist. Your decision to eschew that descriptor is motivated by the fact
    that you know the people who support you, the vast majority of which are
    ignorant of philosophy, ethics, and ironically even formal logic (despite
    their claims to the contrary), will no doubt stop supporting you and place
    you in the category of the feminist iconoclasts who call out sexist
    directly and unapologetically get a shitload of flak for doing so.

    So the conclusions I can derive from your statement are as follows:

    1. You don’t believe in gender equality, and thus are not a feminist.
    2. You do believe in gender equality, but you’re ignorant and apparently
    too damned lazy to spend five minutes looking up the definition of the word
    “feminist” in any source, like the Stanford Dictionary of Philosophy, or
    even just a standard dictionary, or even just Wikipedia.
    3. You do believe in gender equality, you do understand that by definition
    the word “feminist” thus applies to you (just as the word “atheist” applies
    to anyone who doesn’t believe in gods regardless of their own descriptive
    terms for themselves), and you are intentionally avoiding the use of that

    If the answer is the third, then I can’t help but assume that the reason
    why is strategic and driven by a calculation of how much support you’d lose
    in this sexist, ignorant community of YouTube atheists rife with
    “anti-feminists” (which is synonymous with “pro-sexist”, if they only
    understood the use of words) should you choose to use words properly and
    refer to yourself as a feminist.

    In other words, you’re either a sexist yourself, an idiot, or a PR-oriented
    coward. Take your pick, Ms. Glenn.

  27. It’s official Justin Bieber is a god and belieberism is a religion -___-
    this world …………..

  28. Yes, and only males are sexist of course. No female ever posted hateful
    comments to another female, no madam. Women never talk about each other
    between their backs and they never call each other sluts, whores and so on,
    only males do that. Sisters forever eh…

  29. Haters gonna hate… Whoever you are, whatever you do, people will always
    find a reason to insult you. You’re a woman, they go with that. It would be
    the same if u were a man, a squirrel or I don’t know what. Seeing the
    world through a binary male/female system is simplistic.

  30. She needs to watch. And read some of the garbage that she has posted she is
    the problem this girl is mentality ill. She says some of the most vile
    trash but when others say it that’s wrong and she scolds her demons. When
    one of her mentors says something she nods and spreads it like the gospel.
    Remember don’t do as I do but do as I say and be. Good little atheists like
    mommy says or she will give you a spanking . 

  31. hey being athiest doesnt make you smart.. lol i wish that was the case lol
    your vids are fun keep up the good work. 

  32. Chick twitch streamers are all whores that suck at games….(joking but
    most i believe just look for attention, hints the reason 90% of their
    camera angle is on their boobs)

  33. You know, come to think of it, u are the only female athist personality on
    youtube that i know of. That may be a reason u get unwanted attention. Just
    a thought.

  34. Was Trisha Paytas mean to you at some point? Why would you call her “This
    Thing?” I think she is fabulous.

  35. My advice to everyone is “If you think you are only paying attention
    because you find her attractive, close your eyes and see her with your ears
    instead and yes that was a metaphor.”

  36. 1:11 What he said ain’t true. I watch your videos because I agree with you
    on sooo many things and also you’re very funny.

  37. You have 235K subscribers and some of your videos get 100’s of 1000’s of
    Why do you feel you need to defend yourself at this point.
    As for the assholes making those kinds of comments to you … fuck’em

  38. How to sext. addicted to porn, Lesbians and sinful pleasure, Masturbation
    feels good, QA spit or swallow. Masturbation vs Breast Implants, Sexy
    Threesome. Just some of the atheist titles of your videos.

    Couple that with sexy cover pics showing a bib boobed girl from another
    channel and what do you expect?

    For every mature logical person on YouTube, there are 100 idiots. Maybe
    you should not be complaining about your bread and butter, or, try wearing
    unflattering clothes, no make up and stop with the sexual innuendo? See
    how many views/likes/subscriptions you get then. Or better yet, have a guy
    read your rants and see how many views you get?

  39. you know what is really sexist? when a rambling self promoting hot girl
    with generally correct, but childish or rehashed, arguments is constantly
    promoted by Dawkins facebook account simply because she is hot. Your looks
    are your brand and you know it. If a middle aged male or unattractive
    female made the same videos and arguments you make do you think they would
    be getting promoted almost daily by RDFRS? no way in hell. they would be
    mocked for the childishness or most likely just ignored. YOU are the
    beneficiary of ‘sexism’ not it’s victim!…. RDFRS posts every video you
    make clogging up the facebook feed of all it members and when MANY of them
    essentially say, ‘wtf, is she sleeping with someone at Dawkins organization
    to get this treatment?” it is not sexist. It is a statement of exasperation
    at the lack of judgement at RDFRS. You are the ONLY youtube atheist (male
    or female) who gets this special treatment from an organization which
    claims to be about promoting reason and science. Why do you think that is? 

  40. You are a girl on YouTube. You then fall into two comment categories.
    Attractive enough to have people talk about how they want to crawl through
    glass to rest their dick on your face, or not attractive enough and get
    called an ugly troll. For guys they are likable enough to get called a
    faggot, or dislikable enough to be called a super faggot.

  41. I just think it’s pretty ironic when he says “sexism is bad, but feminism
    is also bad”. I think is very ironic in general that many atheist speakers
    on youtube just hate feminism with a passion

  42. I really wish you would call yourself a feminist because I think you are.
    Pretty much the definition is wanting equal rights for women.

    I think what you aren’t is an activist, for that particular thing anyway,
    but just acknowledging that you are a feminist can help.

  43. I have even less faith in humans than I do in religion. Little surprise
    when humans invented religion.

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