Sharia Law is against Human Rights?? Muslims/Atheists Debate… – VIDEO


Atheists reject the Sharia Law as it is currently being applied in Saudi Arabia, Iran and other States of the Islamic world, and propose that Sharia Law per …



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George Forsyth

I find the very idea of a ‘law’ being handed down by an imaginary being
offensive. The whole thing is an appeal to authority. In truth Shariah
law, like all other laws are invented by the powerful to control the
powerless. It’s what happens when the unscrupulous religious dogmatists are
allowed free rein. No civilisation should anything to do with it. 


As per usual, the Muslims were utterly disingenuous, but ultimately could
not hide the vile, wife-beating, woman-hating aspects of their religion


Great debate. You can see clearly that these two ladies do not have clue
what they are talking about. They are talking out of rage not because they
are some kind of scholars on topic.

Bob Apuskiduski

Thank you for uploading this, I found it really interesting :)

Lone Wolf

The Sharia Law can go fuck itself, Muslims/Islams will fucking perish to
the ground when other countries will show no mercy


Well, Amadiya Muslims were supposed to be ok, but his “explanation” about
wife-beating versus the actual verse is complete nonsense, and something he
doesn’t see – irony. There is no “instruction” to women as to how to deal
with a husband. It’s all about men. Disgusting, delusional and madness.


Is there any of you heaters know what is Sharia law and where that “law”
exist and on whom can be impose.

Valkyrie Sardo

In this debate, one side claims sharia is against human rights and lists the real world examples. The other side claims that is not true sharia and quotes from a book. I say the truth is found within the real world where truth is told in human cost. In comparison to the real world, the truth within a book is merely fiction. Action is speaking louder than words. Few people ae more obsessively narrow-minded than religious converts. On this panel the convert to a cult faction of Islam asks only the men in the audience whether wife beating is shameful.… Read more »

nasreen akhtar

This life is a test for the hereafter. The Glorious Qur’an says:
“He who created death and life that He may try which of you is best in
deed; and He is the exalted in might, of-forgiving.” (Al-Qur’an 67:2)
The Glorious Qur’an says:
“Every soul shall have taste of death: and only on the Day of Judgement
shall you be paid your full recompense. Only he who is saved for from the
fire and admitted to the garden will have attained the object (of life):
for the life of this world is but goods and chattels of deception.”
(Al-Qur’an 3:185)


This is for those of you who want to know the TRUTH. lets examine the EVIDENCE objectively. -how old was aisha when muhamad had sex with her? “Narrated Aisha: the Prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated the marriage when she was nine years old, and then she remained with him for nine years.” (Sahih Bukhari 7:62:64). “Aisha said, ‘the Apostle of Allah married me when I was seven years old.’ (The narrator Sulaiman said: ‘Or six years.)’. ‘He had intercourse with me when I was 9 years old.” (Abu Dawud 2:2116). note: there are… Read more »

Aahad Zaki

Let me break this down, Ahmedia are deemed as non Muslims, the lady is a ex
Muslim who her self is from a broken family. No one is even educated to a
pro level on Sharia.


Maryam is just cool. 

John Justice


Valkyrie Sardo

Sharia law as being practiced within the UK is in violation of sharia law.
There have already been incidents of vigilante hoodlums accosting British
non-muslims for transgressions against an interpretation of sharia. These
hoodlums are denounced within the mosque for being in transgression of
sharia law and for disregarding the English law of the land.

Hieronyma Małomówna

Ktoś wrzucił starą debatę z 2011 na kwejka i nagle wielka burza :D


Ugh. That idiot in the yellow shirt.

Aahad Zaki

Pls muslims mind ur own business let the kufar be the way they are. We need
to give advise to are own Muslim conteries.

Valkyrie Sardo

My compliments to the moderator. He looks so very young and yet his remarks
are well-considered, he is very much in command of himself, and he manages
the flow of conversation with admirable skill.

Enki Aswad

I like the “women are governed by their emotions and men by reason” part. As a female engineer who has tried these past days to reason only a little bit with a male person in my family asking them why it so unacceptable that I finish my master’s at a university further away from home and start living on my own and the only thing I got was a pure emotional reaction that made absolutely no logical sense or was, at best, based on a principle that is outdated. Oh the irony… I swear I know many proud males that… Read more »

Audrey Dunham

for a book to be holy, this earth has to stop. Our Pastors are religion of


Ahmadiyya are not Muslims. point end

Saxophone and Clarient - Austral

I don’t know about sharia. But even in Christianity not many people
practice true Christianity. The fact remains, as long as we are not under a
religious government that defends all people. But isn’t sharia strongly in
favor of theocracy?

eduardo luis nutbeam sanchez

id hatee to have a conversation with someone if every time he said
mohamed,prophet or messenger he had to say may the blessing and peace of
god be upon him it would be very frustrting and very monotonous neither of
these gentlemen have experienced sharia in my opinion and if they had they
wouldnt say the silly things they do, when i lived in the uk this thing
wasnt an issue and is very dangerous in my opinion so be carefull what you
wish for remember the moral in this and be responsable take care all 


From Muslims’ side, it is clear that Saria Law is totally in line with Human Rights & international law. Why do we still need to debate? Let Sharia be practiced in Islamic states where people are very much used to Sharia. What is the benefit of having Saria law in a country that already has its own domestic laws? If there is a need to issue laws in order to give muslim community ease such as halal food labeling, allowing muslims for Friday prayers from works. We can simply update/amend existing domestic laws to protect Muslims from practicing their religion.… Read more »


No true Scottsman fallacy right from the beginning.

Max Break

Morality is not a gift from god as it obliviously pre-dates all religious
texts that existed and exist as of today as it does in nature as its the
basis of organic life surviving, so Islam holds on to something that would
exist without it, and thus justifies its self-worth, you can live a pure
life without religion so what’s religions point would be my question?

Saxophone and Clarient - Austral

may peace and blessing be on any man who makes a good law.

Freedom FROM Religion

They might say that covering the womens faces and hair is their own choice
but what happens to them if they choose not to?

and the guy in the hat… according to him, by drawing from the authentic
parts of islam and sharia he was able to paint a nice picture of it….
well all the other muslims who implement barbarasy and violence are also
saying that they are drawing from the authentic parts of islam, and there
are much more of them in the world then there are of the ones like the guy
in the hat.

Kurt Laferla

people in favor of sharia, and who are on the panel are plain hypocrites.
if britian were under sharia, there would not be this debate for starters
!!!! u are in favor of sharia law, to me it’s as though u are in favor of
fascism or nazism!!


the real night is NO FOR DARKNESS. is not it?

fuad yafai

How do men in western societies look at women in general .As many western
men would put it “liKE CARS” if shes a virgin than she would be a(new
car)that men like to test drive. and if shes not than she would be(a used
car,a salvaged car…..).that men must test drive.So we really dont want to
hear any car talking about how women are treated in Islam hehehe.if you
read the QURAN you would love to be a woman in Islam.( respected, cared for
,provided with all her needs.)western men want to keep women as thier sex

Gadis Leo

I pitty Maryam Namazie when she talks about how her life in Iraq & the
Islam’s living their life over there. It is precisely how she didn’t see
hows other Islam’s being treated in other countries. I pity her how she
describe Islam in her views & her past experience during Muslim’s. I feel
humble to say that as a Muslim in my country we are not force nor we are
punished when not cover ourselves with veil/scarves. My point is simple.
She have not travel far to seek answers abt Islam. Or she didn’t know that
the answers are all in the Al-Quran Nul-Karim itself.

muhammad mansoor

instead of forming communities why dont u people put all under 1
roof…..find common stuff then stand as a chain of believers….then no
one can break us….
once our community was broken in 1920….lets try to get back under a
roof…not segregating into communities…


They’re happy in Australia, England, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, USA,
Norway, they’re happy in every country that is not Muslim and yet who do
they blame? Not Islam? Not their leadership? Not themselves?

They blame the countries they are happy in and they want to change them to
be like the countries from which they came from, where they where
originally unhappy!

Islam, the religion of hypocrites….


Leaving aside the debate points, Jacob the moderator is so adorable. Love
the bow tie

fuad yafai

Lol in ur bible women are created for the sake of men!!! Which means women
are here on earth for one reason and one reason only the enjoyment and
amusement of men.I DARE any woman to READ the QURAN and see for herself
which religion respects her as a human being. Dont let ISLAMPHOBIC people
or FOX NEWS fill ur head with lies and misleading INFO. Read the Bible and
Read the QURAN, and you be the judge. 

Shabir Ali


Hamza Waheed

Joel Hunter, why are you not defending yourself, come on, have you just
quit answering the challenge, search in the Quran man, or say the truth,
Islam is a religion of peace and justice. Which is what I believe in along
with the other 1.6 billion Muslims in world today. Give it a try and maybe
you will understand the truth. Maybe.

fuad yafai

Ignorant is your worse enemy people read.Dont let people fill ur heads with
b/s lies about Islam .(read the QURAN for yourself) .I am talking to those
who believe in GOD those who believe that there is more to thier existent
than just eat drink have sex sleep then die like an animal.So atheist dont
need to be in this conversation, go out and have fun life is too short lol.

Jim Rael

You went on in the comments below about how no part of the Qur’an or the
Hadiths say death is the punishment for apostasy.

Usually, I will say a Muslim saying this is a liar, but it seems you have
been hoodwinked and honestly believe the lies. Well, here is some truth for

Osama Mohamed

dude dude it is not fair to represent Islam that way sharia law doesn’t allow us to beat a wife i challenge you to get me one verse or recent for the prophet Mohamed that says you should beat your wife and let me i am from Egypt you people don’t understand the word beat which is يضرب ( yadreb ) this word can come with so different meaning take this word and put in google you will found out it mean beat but put this statement and put it in google you will found it different العمال يضربون عن… Read more »

Gary Edwards

Sharia Law is against Human Rights, Muslims/Atheists Debate #communism
#poverty #unhappiness 


is this guy a ahmadiya or sunni


+mohamed eltahan ummmmm.. what’s an ahmediyya? :/ :/ 

விஷ்ணு கார்த்திக்

Atheists ?? HA HA more like Non-Muslims !! stop singling out atheists when
the whole world is against your barbaric sharia law.