Shoot ’em Up! The Daily Show!! REQUIRED VIEWING!!!


As many are aware, we love shaking trees and rattling cages. Last week, it was over Margaret Thatcher. I pointed out that despite her putrid politics, she did make some key decisions that probably prevented a nuclear attack on Europe, and accelerated the end of the Cold War. This week, it’s about that wonderful topic of our times, the US Gun Debate. 

Since the Senate’s shooting down-despite-being-majority-voted of the latest attempt to bring a modicum of sanity to the US’ gun love/lunacy, things have been hot to say the least. Even our commentary about the issue has been met with incredible discussion. And, dare I say, blind faith on behalf of our atheist gun-lovers (I know, still trying to wrap my head around that one myself). 

Amazingly, the level of debate on the part of the gun lovers/supporters/nuts, reached a new stratosphere of batshit during the discourse. And no, not in the good or entertaining way, either. 

Leave it to Stewart and Oliver of TDS to showcase the stupidity in the best manner yet. This one is so dead-on, and so fucking important, I’m embedding ALL the segments right here, for your convenience. Don’t say I don’t look out for you. That includes even you gun-aficionados 

(Special note to the gun nuts: John Oliver’s “Whoop de Doo” segment is a must-watch for you guys. Non-negotiable.).


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