Should atheists speak out about atheism? – VIDEO


Many New Atheists get accused of being just as bad as religious people when they voice their opinion. They tell us “What makes you any better? You are preaching your views just like they are.”
I think this is unfair not just to us but also to religious people! It kind of suggests that religious people shouldn’t give voice to their opinion. The problem with religion is not that it advocates a certain view, the problem is that sometimes religions try to force their views on others.
Followers of any religion or ideology should be able to advocate their views. There is nothing wrong with inviting people to consider your views even if your views are wrong. Christians, Muslims, Hindus, atheists, capitalists, socialists, anarchists…they all have every right to give voice to their views but they don’t have the right to force their content on others.
In fact, I would argue that if you truly believe that people who don’t follow your religion are going to burn forever in Hell, and you don’t try to save as many of them as you possibly can, then there is something seriously wrong with you, even more serious than your religion.
If you write a book, start a Facebook page, build a website, start a podcast, hand out pamphlets, you are merely inviting people to consume your content. You are not forcing anyone to do so.
If I, on the other hand, come to your church or mosque and start yelling at everyone that your god is a delusion, then you have every right to kick me out.
But don’t claim that we are forcing our views on anyone when you are coming to our page to see our content. You have every right not to see our content. Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Twitter… they all have made it very easy for you to control what content you are exposed to. And I’m pretty sure most people know how not to read a book.

– Armin Navabi



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Barath Raj

Well explained and shown. 

Usually I find atheist missionaries just as nagging as their religious counterparts.

That doesn’t mean however that atheists should not speak out when bothered or manipulated by zealots of any religion.

What constitutes an “atheist missionary”? 🙂

You know the type 😉

Hmmm…. not sure I do. Do they hit people up for money and stuff too? 😛

Nope just nagging sob’s 😀

Atheism is about being logical, being scientific, and not accepting unreal bullshit based on people’s fear and ignorance that would give birth and power to religions. That’s it. As soon as it becomes a cult, begging other people to join them, I personally will find a new name to call myself. Ideology is dangerous. Divine or not.
We should call any ideology’s BS. Not getting involved in recruiting or anything like that.

Uh… how exactly does atheism become a “cult”? Explain to me what steps are involved. 😛

Becoming an organization and actively looking for followers is a start.

I agree that it has a far lower potential for becoming one since it doesn’t take advantage of people’s ignorance and fear. We could be easily surprised by people’s power hunger.

What’s wrong with atheists and secularists forming an organization to counter religious activities that enter public square? Isn’t it just smarter for them to work together to get religion off their backs?

“I agree that it has a far lower potential for becoming one since it doesn’t take advantage of people’s ignorance and fear. We could be easily surprised by people’s power hunger.”

So now, you’re saying that atheists have the same potential to become power-hungry like religious zealots have proven to be over and over again? Really? 🙂

And please… spare me the tired, old and stupid Stalin/Pol Pot/ Mao argument. 😛