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And that’s sillier how exactly…? 🙂

They are both silly.


Her preference may be silly, but at least it isn’t dangerous. I honestly can’t recall the last time a pagan woo woo hippie type tried to legislate against my human rights. They also don’t have a long sordid history of war and genocide.

Christianity still beats that on a rainy day :p

Yeah I’m an atheist but I hang with these meta-weirdo-hippie types, … they’re peaceful, have very little problem with nudity and really good pot. ..

Meh, plus they never try to deprive people’s rights and burn witches/disembowel/torture atheists.

Cons have the hardest time realizing that two things can BOTH be wrong.

Kudos to her. Better any day than the little J & his sadistic dad !!!!

Maybe she just had a bit too much True Blood.

Deepak Chopra would be proud with his woo woo fan club

Yeah theres a limit to the new age bs that shuts down every spark of ingenuity Another thing thats so hard to swallow is the hypocrisy of it all and lack of actual experiential wisdom

Good point! 🙂

Heh heh…”Lil J” sounds like the name of new teen rap star, lol

I disagree ! Her unconditional bs can piss all over others with no regard for what is at stake

I ddisagree …She can selfishly piss all of others with no regard for whats right with her unconditional bs

I am Native American and believe in Mother Nature. What’s wrong with that?

Well said! Thank you!

I was married to a girl who became one of these kooks. As “harmless” as they may appear, trust me, they’re exhausting as hell. Among the tarot readings, endless astrology charts, fear of retrogrades and all the other crap, I was getting ready to embark on a genocide of my own, when the marriage imploded just in time. 😛

Try living with one for oh… a decade or so? 😛

While I can agree with you a little bit, Mr. Holes, that I found hippy chicks to be annoying, I think the very religious girls I spent time with were even more incredibly toxic, lol

I met a bunch of them in Texas–they are a little odd–but I will take them any day over a bat shyt crazy, hateful Christian.

hahahahaahahahaahah @ Holes In the Foam


I like Ma too !!!

I’m one of those “kooks ” but guess what if u don’t know how it works don’t knock it

There’s a difference between satanists and pegans fyi

Oh I know how it all works (which it doesn’t, it’s all crap, sorry to tell you), that’s why I shall knock it. Ok? 🙂

Peganisam was around before Christianity

I’m native to

Your choice I just know that people Prevert it and alot of people don’t really know what it truly is its been given a bad name by these people who don’t really understand it and other cultures who don’t understand bashing it but u believe what u want I know what I sand for

I wasn’t defending the belief system, just pointing out that these types are not harm to anybody.

I’m not bashing any culture. I’m simply calling bullshit for what it is. I don’t have a problem with culture, just don’t try to tell me that the universe gives a crap about you, and/or that the alignment of the planets have any bearing on anything that’s going to happen to you any given day, among other bullshit. There’s nothing “cultural” about that. 🙂

I do agree u get what u put out

Its better than a god

And neither of them, in their entire existence, has done a hundredth of the damage Christianity in the last few years alone. Not even going to callback on the Crusades, Inquisitions and Dark Ages.

VAdela Gray

Sophie HillyarLouiise Ellen remind you of anyone?hehe

My ex Truely believed she was a witch.
I had to explain to her that was a typo.


Crazy – no matter the label – is never ‘harmless’.

They just waste money and time on crazy mystic shit and going to places like Sedona. There’s a whole industry built around bilking these people, that’s for sure. 😛

They’re naive but I take it over Christianity any day

And Paganism is full of shit too. Have a nice day! 🙂

I don’t agree with that.


I agree about how easily spurned the latter two points are, but there’s some easily seen legitimacy in the first one. While it sound hokey and stupid to anthropomorphize the universe and talk about it granting wishes based on positive thinking, the underlying phenomenon is believable. If one thinks positively, even undertaking tasks and going for projects other people wouldn’t because of discouragement, one is likely to achieve more (one tries more things and with greater enthusiasm, leading to greater effectiveness). That’s what the whole ‘The Secret’ book was about. It might be ridiculous to wave your hands about and… Read more »

Nah. 😛

Naive and narcissistic, you know, like Xtians. 😛

Just minus the deprivation of human and civil rights, torture and genocide :p.