Skepticism and Secularism Have a Serious Sexual Harassment Problem



Posted Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2013, at 10:01 AM


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Most mainstream media stories about women in the growing skeptic/secularist/science education movement (the boundaries between the three are pretty porous) usually begin with articles and videosasking, “Where are all the women?” But people within these circles know that there are actually a lot of female leaders, and the real woman problem is sexual harassment.

As Rebecca Watson, a major writer and speaker on the skeptic/atheist circuit wrote in Slate last year, the amount of sexual harassment aimed at women over even the tiniest


Note from HITF Management….

Due to Slate pulling this article due to alleged “factual errors”, I’ve determined that it is only righteous and within our firm journalistic principles to pull this article from our blog as well.

Well, that and the fact that some people on Twitter (I shan’t name any names, for I shall take the high road) felt it necessary to berate, belittle, call me mean names and even go as far as calling this site a, and I quote (upper lip trembling) … “rag site”. With nothing less than the purpose of shaming and questioning the rock-solid integrity of this blog (ok… stop laughing… I can hear you!!). The perpetrators of this horrific shame know who they are, and I hope they are happy. 

So after the horrific and painful haranguing we received on Twitter, topped with the insurmountable shame and the mere question of our ethics by our general reading public, I humbly remove the rest of this article.

I do so with the hope that we can somehow weather the public-relations storm that has ensued from this fiasco. Without having to layoff our crack editorial staff, and my limo driver. 😛  

I beg for the forgiveness of our readers. :/

I shall go weep my penance now.  Please pray for us. :{

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