“Smack Down of DarkMatter2525 – The Black Hole of Atheist Fallacy”


Question 1 – Why did God create dinosaurs that clearly are made to kill? Answer 1 – God likely did not create the T-Rex, but rather he was a genetic creation of the Watchers (Fallen Angels)….



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*”Question 1 – Why did God create dinosaurs that clearly are made to kill? Answer 1 – God likely did not create the T-Rex, but rather he was a genetic creation of the Watchers (Fallen Angels).”* Do you have Genetic and fossil evidence of this? *”Question 2 – Why does God permit evil to happen to people? Answer 2 – If God stopped every evil person from doing evil things, there would be no free will for that person to do evil. And if that was the case, we would be robots doing whatever God wanted. Which would mean, you… Read more »


Great video… but I see from the comment section that the ignorant are
going to remain ignorant, willingly ignorant.


37 minutes and 4 seconds of boring, mindless drivel. Just as expected.
I’ll go back to watching good videos, like the ones on DarkMatter2525’s

jose quervo

i’m done with this idiot at 1:30. do you hear what you are saying.
you are talking about genetics, dinosaurs, and god like they are
scientifically genetically modified foods. (or GMO’s) this is the most
contradictory idiotic argument for god that i have ever heard.


You only watch like 1 minute of the video, watch the entire videos. You are
missing the actual arguments presented, he even addresses the argument you
made in his video and showed why its stupid. 


This was a “smack-down”?
I think that you do not know what that word means.

bryan adkins

After looking watching the first five minutes or so of your video, I came
to the conclusion that you had no idea what you were talking about. Then I
watched the rest of your video. I actually had to keep myself from
punching my monitor in. 

Gustav Rammelsberg

Watch the hole of fucking video instead of skipping through the important

Fixin Good

This has got to be the most hilarious joke/troll channel on YouTube.
Congrats man, gave me some good laughs.


More amazing stupidity from God Drools.

Jack Jackson jacksonvile

Please provide evidence instead of empty assertions. 

Rebecca Miller

Okay. Wait. You say that if god started evolution, that would make sense.

Follow me here. If evolution happened, then there was definitely no Adm &
Eve/Garden of Eden scenario, correct?

If there was no Adam & Eve, then there was no “original sin”, correct?

If there was no “original sin”, there’s just NO REASON for Jeebus to come
to earth or “save” us from that original sin.

Evolution and creation are mutually exclusive. You can only believe one or
the other.

Think about it.

Margie Massar-Fjeld

Preach it brother! So right on ..trees by the way are symbols in visions or
dreams as leaders. Again a blessing teaching thank you Tony!

Daniel Backus

The most retarded thing in this video is that asshole in the box in the
lower right hand corner. Is he wearing mascara?


There are so many interpretations of the Bible, which is why there are so
many denominations. What makes you so confident you your interpenetration?
You completely miss the point of these videos.


You are fucking delusional. 

Gustav Rammelsberg

I love how you skip through certain parts of the video or end videos early
because you’ve watched them already and you know DarkMatter will prove your
“points” wrong.

Jani SIr

I can’t even make objections to this, I’m just laughing too hard to do so.


anyway darkmatter seems kind of sour I think he was raised with some crazy

Number Digit

Why would God allow the doctrine of eternal Hell to be around for so long
and then let it be debunked after so long? The Bible says – Now the Spirit
speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the
faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; – 1
Timothy 4:1

Cris Duta

Watch videos from the beginning to the end before you start to talk about

RyMan - FIFA 15 Content

The video “How God favours evil”. It is pretty obvious that you watched the
video before making this video, because If you had of actually watched the
video the whole way through, it actually explains why the whole ‘Free will’
thing is bullshit. You clearly knew he was making sense and turned it off
quickly. If you were truely responding to something. WATCH THE WHOLE


Damn you’re an idiot! So, you begin by literally interpreting the bible and
then stating that the tree in the garden of eden is symbolic, thus making
the bible a symbolic reading. Well Mr. Genious, i guess it’s up to you to
decide what is symbolic and what’s not. Psh psh psh… smack your face
right back at you. Arrogant fool

Gary Doss

The argument herein is an attempt to find fault with atheist views. It’s
not at all convincing. 

The Illogical Reaper

I feel as though most of what you mention here is made up BS. I would like
to see some sources before I can believe it. Even if the Western Theology
screws with the actual stories of Eastern Christians, their still stories.
They mean nothing.


The video guy went full retard @8:11- 8:35.


why does he use an old man if he actual knew scripture he’d know God is a
Spirit being.

Bill Ryan

Let me get this straight. God *knew* how things were going to go down
before he created the universe? If you don’t mind me asking, where the
basis of your claims? DarkMatter2525 always adds specific references for
his videos. You claim it’s not a forbidden fruit for instance. There’s 0
evidence it’s any true, but at least there’s text to it – you’re claiming
it doesn’t mean what it says, that seems like a two fold leap unless I’m
misunderstanding you.

The Gaming Reaper

Question 3 is a serious question because, as most theists claim, the
universe need a “first domino” to start up the chain reactions. Assuming
that’s true, and God did create this universe, who created God? How did he
become ethereal, timeless, and all-powerful? God is NOT the first domino,
far from it.

Jani SIr

Wait, God made you with free will, then he will correct you, by bending
your will? What was the point is giving the free will at the begining then?


First off, you know you’re not his audience, right? He’s a mocker. He’s a joke teller. He’s not STRICTLY serious about the topic, and as such his snark can outweigh his sincerity. “apocrypha” That’s cute. You know there’s around 500 apocrypha books, right? As opposed to the bible’s … what is it? 66 books? And they’re non-cannon for a reason usually. They’re fanfiction. “The T-Rex is a nephilim” O.o Okay. Okay. So “nephilimitis” is a spreadable condition. Like vampirism or werewolves. A nephilim bit a lizard and it magically transformed into a t-rex. Got it. “And actually compatable” So “nephilimitis”… Read more »


+Godrules – FYI, *arthurjeremypearson’s* claim that YouTube *”instantly
marks all”* links to YouTube videos *”as ‘spam’ and hides them from
everyone but the original poster”* simply isn’t true and he knows it. The
uploader of a video can post links to YouTube videos and they will *not* be
hidden as spam. Since you uploaded ”
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8D6G3d4t5Rk” you can post whatever links to
YouTube videos you choose without problem.

Colin Selfridge

Hey are you missing half your subscribers ? or do I just have a poor memory

Laohg Reaper

it was a real fruit 

Tim Davis

I’m sorry I couldn’t sit through the whole 30 minutes. You are so full of
crap! Even if we brought you the evidence you seek you are too ignorant to
understand it. Have fun with your delusions.

Minecraft Atheist

from this video you have proven to be at least 10 times smarter then other creationist I have come across so I will actually try to reason with you. Wait so the tree is not literal but giant angle human children are? Nyphilm is that what you called them? You were actually making decent refutations and then this happens. Also if you think the devil is the snake you might want to do more research on that because it most defiantly is not. And then you still have the problem of god creating the devil. Free will = E bola… Read more »

Brandon Ward

Also hell is real and torment. Mark 9:45 ” And if thy foot offend thee, cut
it off: it is better for thee to enter halt into life, than having two feet
to be cast into hell, into the fire that never shall be quenched.”

MTO Bubba


That Boy Cayse
John Kaz

Hello Godrules,
I have been watching your videos lately and have always been bothered
about an eternal hell myself. But on the other hand what if I choose Satan
to follow and rape, sacrifice children, etc. until the day I die. Would I
belong in heaven eventually? I am new to the faith and have experienced the
Holy Spirit within me beyond any doubt, but eternal hellfire has bothered
me. I sort of lean more towards an eternal separation from God. Any advice
for me?