So does this guy worship Jordan Peterson or what?…




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Gerald O'Hare

Jordan Peterson simply slices and dices his opponents.


So basically Jordan defines a religion as a system of beliefs? Isn't it a core trait of a human, or mammals in general, to believe things? It's inherently a part of pattern recognition, and a logical fallacy, to induce that the future will be like the past. That is some fucking next level, and useless, redefining things to win an argument. =


Your title is misleading, and JP is religious.

Shift -Z

Peterson's arguement against John McWhorter was pretty weak. (I probably couldnt have been able todo better "in the heat of battle") but Peterson should have said "you're in a rough place, and I haven't done different than you…IN CLASS. But when out in public I have done much differently"

Aaron Shure

JP’s definition of religion is untenably broad. By his definition, Euclid’s geometry is a religion because Euclid starts with axioms.


Robert Anton Wilson is a very potent weapon against every belief system, reality tunnel or any zealous and persistent kind of ideology. Rationality at it’s extremes is not different than any religion. Uncle Bob makes it very clear in various books and essays such as The New Inquisition or Prometheus Rising.
Totally worth to check him.

Andre Louis Moreau

It's great how you always get identity right. That can't be understated!

Kyrie Eleisson

Think Club: C. S. Lewis wrote essays collectively called "The Abolition of Man" which deals with Modern Education and the eradication of traditional morals/values.
I must say after reading The Abolition of Man and Plato's Republic which both treat the subject of morality at powers of ten far deeper than knuckle-draggers like Harris, et al could ever aspire to, I have very little patience with these modern day professional atheists.


McWhorter's politics are a funny subject. He's a leftist to the right, a conservative to the liberals, and a self-identified centrist. Also, I agree that he's probably not a "fan" of Peterson, but I don't think he dislikes him either, though he did say at some point that he thought there was something creepy about Peterson as a phenomenon.

Martti Suomivuori

Rational thinking is a recent innovation of Evolution. The Mammalian Operation System has been successful without for millions of years, doing just fine adapting to changing circumstances with fangs and claws, fins and wings, speed, agility, cunning, and co-operation. How old is the rational thinking of ours? About 100 000 years maybe or double that. Whatever the age, its foundation is in the MOS.The concepts, words, and ideas might be totally alien to the Mammal or even to nature but the basic values at the bottom come from the MOS. Rational thinking does not achieve anything without values, which again… Read more »

Dj Kennah

Making a semantic connection is making a connection to nothing in the first place….. O_O

David Foster

The new atheists themselves have often used this definition.
Christopher Hitchens, for example, used it to frame communist dictators as religious.

Tyler Larkey

He said he's didn't believe we needed unfettered free speech. I find myself asking why not?

jason jakes

Thumbs down for trying to make me listen to Whoremonger. His mom told him he’s smart , omg he is talking somewhere right now, and he doesn’t even know what about.


As someone raised atheist, and who's always been an outside observer to religious thought and behavior, I have seen anti-theists and the social justice movement as a form of secular religion for years. And a rather fundamentalist strain.

The silliest thing (for me) is they aren't even innovative religions.

Me Too

McWhorter's eloquence is his own undoing.

Monica ky mama

They try and try… some get close… but NO ONE can stump this man..

Victor Cates

There's a lot of controlling definitions to avoid the label or to make religion a special case*. But religion was often just social programming and a system people exploited to gain moral power. Expecting atheistic ideologies to be different seems overly optimistic. The essential human truth is observed when we burn heretics.

* often this has to ignore massive variation in belief. Some faiths have a god. Some don't. Some have a clergy. Some might be about the individual. Some are mostly about tea and scones that are served afterwards.

Lunky Straydog

My freedom of speech and thought is not negotiable.

Zilcho Marx

The new religious apologia boils down to "let's re-define religion to include literally everything, so that to criticize religion is to criticize everything – lol! pwned!"

Weak sauce.

James Brooks

I hope you realize the literal definition of anti-theist is “without religion”… the title of the channel and video is just one big irony…

Hang the Traitors

I'm not doing this either, i am not allowing so called leaders of which are doing a murderous evil job TELL ME WHAT TO THINK AND SAY Jordan Peterson has solutions to the problems our world governments have caused DEATH AND DESTRUCTION EVERY-WERE, HE IS A JENIUS

Saor Rombe

Before I saw him I took that linguistics teacher for a white man.

The wonders of a world without affirmative action.

True Premise

Absolute Free Speech including but not always, things that are non-factual, either before, during, or after the claim & such is the violation of Truth even as it is derived from TIME & then hammered out & given definition to definition. A person can tell a lie outside of the situation, but then they must internally deal with the fact that they have deranged themselves in the process of failing to demonstrate the truth. THAT SUCKS no matter how evil you think you are. Evil still needs the truth & that's the sad pathetic fact. So let people fall toward… Read more »

Nadie Durán

I realized some time ago that atheism is a form of religion, only difference is that their god is a no-god; but other than that the average atheist shows the same behaviours of the average believer including being idealistic, devotee, fanatic, superstitious or dogmatic. Only that they tend to preach on things like ecology or gender ideology instead of traditional theology. Cheers.

DigitalFilm JamesT

John McWhorter is really shallow in his comments on free speech and the term snowflake. He either doesn't understand how the term is used or he purposefully tries to divert from it. We should continuously debate the pros and cons of racism and slavery even if the world was perfect. Why? Because it is the doom of people that they forget and history is full of stories where people forgot the lesson learned from trials that took place long before.


i need my daily laser!!!

Theodore McCarthy

They are using the term "religion" when what they mean is "orthodoxy". The problem is that these leftist don't understand the meaning of the word "religion" and use it as a pejorative. Also, they have a limited understanding of English.