So how did 2018 fare out? Let’s check out some charts…


Top 11 Charts of the Year

Some of these charts are new and interesting, while some are just important things that are worth repeating. In no particular order, here they are:

1. Growing income inequality is not inevitable. It’s a political choice.

2. Thanks to Republicans, the IRS doesn’t audit many millionaires these days.

3. The growth of health care costs has been flattening towards zero for many years.

4. Bank earnings soared in 2018.

5. Vaping has wiped out decades of effort to reduce smoking among teens.

6. Asians turned against Republicans big time in the 2018 midterms.

7. Wages have hardly increased at all over the past two years.

8. The maternal death rate in America has been increasing for more than two decades.

9. Global temperatures and global sea level continue to rise steadily and catastrophically.

10. Millennials aren’t especially poor. They spend about as much as previous generations.

11. Middle-age death rates vary a lot by state. They’ve mostly gone up in red states and down in blue states.



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