So now all federal employees are ‘democrats’, so they deserve to not be paid. Duly noted…


Trump Stops Caring About Federal Workers Because They’re All ‘Democrats’



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Trump's the kind of kid who stops breathing until you give him ice cream lol


This post made me think of this 

.   not sure why .  I'm old and sometime remember stuff .

Sharon Smalls

Trump is just lying. They haven’t contacted him and said anything to him.

John Campbell

The wall monies would be better spent on roads and bridges… you know, USEFUL infrastructure!

John Campbell

For a man who does not believe in barrier contraception, the irony of him believing in another kind of barrier is distrubing.


I'm sure they are all thinking of voting Democratic next time. They should be.

Troy J

The laws and services we DO want from our government.
– 78% support paid family medical leave.
 – 77% want campaign finance reform.
– 74% back boosting the minimum wage
– 70% support Medicare-for-all.
– 68% say we can fight climate change and protect jobs.
 – 66% support stricter gun laws.
 – 97% support universal background checks.
– 62% support tuition free college.
– 59% percent say we need to do more to fight climate change.

Amos Soma

The shut down is owned by Schunmer and the Democrats in the senate. The house passed a funding bill which Trump supported but Schumer refuses to even negotiate or debate it. The shut down is due to his stubbornness.


He… does realize he's supposed to represent democratic voters too right?

What about the Server?


– The 45th President of the United States

rex wall

If he could read or write he could keep better track of his lies. Illiteracy kills.

Jonathan Still

Just because you say something and repeat it ( constantly ) doesn't make it true,. It just shows your bias. DUMP TRUMP !

The Doomsday Channel

Eternal God Emperor Obama was the one who shut the government down. He should be arrested for being a Nazi dictator.


Trump probably thinks dems love him too.