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I self-identify as a millionaire, but the bank disagrees with me. Who’s correct, my delusions, or facts?

Why would this be any different?

It’s slightly different, for a lot of reasons. Come up with a better analogy maybe? 🙂

Sounds like she has severe white guilt, and a lack of self acceptance. The job should have gone to a real black person. Now she is little more than a joke to the world. It’s a shame, because I doubt she meant to do harm, but hey, so do a lot of delusional people.

It just makes me feel sad for her, i hope she gets the help she needs rather than further punishment. There is no winner or loser in this, just a poor woman who is really troubled.

The result of abusive Creationist parents.

Yeah, I know it’s not a great comparison, but it gets the point across.

No, it doesn’t, that was my point. 😛

How could anyone be fooled by her? She don`t even look remotely black, grey/blue eyes and whatnot.

There are a lot of blue-eyed mixed-race people. My dad had blue eyes, and he was at least 30% black.