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lol@ the preacher always getting cut off. anyway.. why would anyone think one or more gods from any religion is real when we cannot prove them? humans have obviously made up many a god and many a religion.. so maybe YOUR religion is also just human made. Just because you dont know why we exist or how the universe began doesnt mean you can make up stuff.. it means you should try to find the answer. if you cannot then you accept that you simply dont know why we exist and how the universe got here. dont just assume that… Read more »

Moha Tairara

lol, did that pastor say “if you cant explain shit then you cant explain

Julie Omwanda

and we all wonder why atheists have to be all defensive…..if you dont
believe in God well that is your business let those that believe in Him do
so,its free will,stop trying so hard to create awareness of your belief,we
choose to believe in God,no gun was put to our head and if it was me in
that studio i would not even question or even answer that Harrison guy,my
God doesnt need defense or protection,WASTE OF TIME this is!

lighty juma

Good conversation ,but the Lady s are not giving pastor time to explain.
Just to let the Man who claims that there is no GOD, The fact that he does
Not believe in God, He believes in something else .

willie airo

N/B goats are not grazers, class 5 science they are browsers. Thus the
reason why they excrete pebles is because they need to conserve moisture in
there bodies an adaptation of the environment they live in


I think we can all agree that we didn’t choose what part of the world we
are born in, now the question I ask Christians, if you were born into a
Hindu family, would you still be a Christian? If you were born in Greek
land, you would be praying to Egyptian Gods?

Dani Fethez Methanalia

It is too appalling how shallow the presenters’ knowledge on theism is! Especially mirrored by the closing quote. Has that lady even ever wondered why a self-sufficient being would create beings, with weaknesses, put them on a desolate corner of some universe, give them laws to follow and create a chamber of eternal torture for all those who do not follow them?! This narrative, everyone would agree, sounds like the mind of a psychopathic serial killer but when it comes to God… no no no, people’s consciences of morality and reason fail them. This sort of creature is one that,… Read more »

willie airo

what keeps you alive thats a stupid question what keeps you alive you are
alive because your heart is beating ones it stops you will be dead ask
meaningful questions. your body/our bodies function as a system and once
one component of that system ceases to work you might fall sick and die

Dani Fethez Methanalia

Despite the fact that the pastor’s quoting of Einstein is actually a logical fallacy of undue appeal to authority (in fact, Einstein was no authority in matters pertaining theology; His grasping on philosophy was also very questionable, at least to me), he is doing Einstein’s memory in some of us great injustice by so associating that quote to so primitive a belief system as the one he holds. Einstein himself, because of getting weary and disturbed of theists misusing that quote the pastor uses during his lifetime, several times in his writings did he refuse to be associated with that… Read more »

Crawley Obara

I am an atheist and yes I am from Kenya, I though the arguments were weak,
the panelists entirely lost the point.

Dani Fethez Methanalia

Morality is a human phenomenon, not a religious one. To think it a
religious one is to be unthoughtfully dogmatic and biased…. In fact, I
have grown to fear people who think that religion is what gives people good
morals because these people have the thought that the only thing keeping
them and everybody else from being immoral is religion… I see a raging
dog held back by a leash (religion) which if happened to be loosened… :O

Conscious AI

Great debate. We need more of this in the media. Cultivate critical
thinking among the masses. 

Dani Fethez Methanalia

Pastor, Harrison never poisoned the well because he never at any single
time in his introduction place any direct ad hominem on you… He only
was uninhibitedly attacking religion which actually happens to be the
subject of the matter… That’s a straw-man you were trying to create.

joe gathu

How about next time this type of talk takes place, we have an equal number
of people on both sides of the panel? This was overwhelming for Harrison
who had to deal with 3 other people who held opposite views from him. All
in all, i agreed with Harrison

Dani Fethez Methanalia

Let it be known that an atheist is NOT one who believes that God exists but one who DOES NOT believe in the existence of God… so it is actually SILLY to ask what an atheist believes in because, by definition, an atheist’s stand is NOT a belief. Let those who make claims and invest beliefs into the claims be the ones to justify the claims, not the ones that do not believe in their claims. For example: Most people today do not believe in the ancient Greek god of thunder, Zeus(whether they have heard of him or not is… Read more »

murda davis
Red Avis

Christopher Hitchens, Matt Dillahunty and Jeff Dee would have eaten that
deluded pastor alive! Such a laughable fool.